Disquiet Junto Project 0505: Line Out

Part of a work in progress (on hold, almost abandoned) I planned to build 5 repetitive pieces using percussion instruments and tempo delays. My plan was to build some hypnotic rhythms in odd time signatures (3/4 5/4 7/4 9/4 11/4) and make it more in the 1970’s repetitive music vein and not on a groovy world music percussion track.
I’m not a serious percussion player really so I can’t develop a swinging percussion solo, but I thought it was interesting to explore the “mechanical” development of repetitive, copy/paste grooves I can create using multiple percussion instruments and other objects.

I already shared here the first Pulse 3 track, this is the second I recorded, then a few months back I decided to stop, cause I don’t think this is really interesting.
Is it?
I consider three options now:
1- Should I use these full tracks as the basis for something else? (adding other melodic instruments and textures above it?)
2- Should I make a 1 minute snippet and use it as a rhythmic interlude on an album or something?
3-Or should I trash it and just extract some rhythmic loops for my Loop Vault?
Comments, opinions and critics are appreciated.
DD Sep2021

Performed by DD June 2021 on several acoustic percussion instruments and objects, with further edits and copy/paste for the basic layers.


This track started as a web jam. I’ve edited the multiple takes down and made it into a structure I’m happy with. We didnt have a bass player, so I made a simple bass line playing the 8th off the beat to offset the pulse on the beat. I thought things might sound better with a real bass. We hooked up with a bass player… He did an ok job, but I’m not convinced. There are some bits that are ok.

I’ve uploaded the my original edited track with my simple bass, then appended the same track with the bass player. What do you prefer? A or B?


@alanza Hi, nice track, I think it gets a bit too dense and start losing focus around the 10th minute, you could add some wild drums there to accentuate the chaos feel, but the calm after the storm feel after 12th minute is great, I won’t put any rhythmic instrument there, IMHO adding a straight tempo/beat will make the whole progression less captivating.

@ryanscottmattingly I can definitely hear a wild distorted drummer over that maniac S&H drone.

I think the track is fascinating as it is.

@jimkang It’s a great ambient track as it is, going back and forth from soothing to a bit menacing or distressing. It might feel too long or too sparse to people not interested on Ambient, but I like it as it is.

Sounds fantastic, I feel a real drumer there, the drum’s soundstage is great. A drum solo can’t be too cluttered, can it?
The upright bass player is a rock!! :wink: Great sound.
The delay touches are elegant.
The coda is surprising and a lovely moment.
Only critic: the splash (or open HH?) at left gets on my tits a little bit. I would calm it a lot on the mix or use it more sparingly.

@klaatuberada I prefer the bass player’s take mostly but sometimes your more basic bass works better IMO, like 1:25 into the track , on the little vocal part, and after that, I think he (the bassists) overplays a little bit, his fills and licks get a bit systematic and less interesting. If this is done with a click you could just copy/paste and male him play “less” ?


@DeDe Yeah absolutely, there are bits where what hes played work ok, but I think he just didnt get it. I actually programmed his entire performance in MIDI, but haven’t got around to editing it yet. I think for me the main issue is that he didnt quite get the groove. His playing doesnt feel tight.

I liked your piece, I think it works as a soundtrack/narrative piece. I dont have anything constructive to add other than, “nice”. :slight_smile:


An unfinished track made with Norns Raindrops and Nts-1. Some enhancements with Vst’s. Wondering what else it needs ?

Some feedback.
The drums sound great and do have a ‘live’ sound to my ears. The busiest part where I thought ‘sounds like two drummers’ could benefit from the crash ? or cymbal, reduced a little.

@bassling I like this and it already has a lot going for it. Additions could be in the mixing stage such as a high pass filter to make the low end temporarily vanish only to come back in at the right moment and perhaps some spectral shifts to break it up just a little here and there.

@NorthWoods I like this too and it has a wonderful delicateness to it. I agree with others on adding some low end. In my head what I heard was a softly played electric bass that moves around the root note of the chord.

@jimkang Listening this I would be thinking about adding some textural things to it . Maybe vinyl crackle or something similar.

@tristan_louth_robins This is fine as is to me. I did wonder if small parts of the piano reversed would fit in but that’s just a personal thing I would try but not neccessarily implement.

@gis_sweden One thing this track definitely is, is fun. It’s nice to listen and the bass sounds, rhythm and vocals fit together nicely.

@raph Enjoyable sounds in the B section are a nice contrast to the speech in the beginning. The speech felt too long to me but that’s probably my aversion to tension perhaps.

@alanza I like the meandering sounds as they are. If I added anything I would be thinking of a gentle but perhaps slightly dark field recording to add some grit to it. Maybe something high frequency would work.


A generative track I literally just finished when I saw Marc’s tweet about this Junto project.
It’s coded in Sonic Pi and changes very slightly, every 16 bars.
I ended up layering an old apache breakbeat later on, just for the hell of it.
Checking some of the other tracks as I type…!

– Couldn’t make a new reply? So… Here’s some feeback:

I like the minimalistic approach in this one, along with the subtle rhythmic elements. A nice clean mix.

The way this evolves is really refreshing and the little melodies towards the end make me feel all warm. Can’t think of any negatives!

Great rhythms! I reckon you could add a sitar solo over the top and that would do it :slight_smile:


Thanks @binarysweets , Ahh, if I could play Sitar ! …

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Nah, I thought, this assignment is not for me. I have nothing in progress right now. But wait I uploaded a track a week ago. The style is “I give up - this is me”.

I’m stuck. This sounds like some thing I could have done 30 years ago. But worse.

As pad I use Fury 800 (the Poly 800 simulator). I have sampled modular for 2 sounds. Drums are computer.

This is a lazy “I give up - this is me” track.
During the verse you can here the synth I used for last weeks junto! :grin:

Okay. Pretend this is a serious track. Give me some constructive feedback.


A minuet. Not sure what else to say.


hey y’all! I’ve been fiddling with this one-note symphony for a while. Well, one chord anyway. Should there be more chords? Fewer? Other instruments? Faster? Slower? I have no idea what to do next with it. What do you think?

here’s the code:


Lovely piece.
My grain of salt:

more chords? No
Fewer? No
Other instruments? Yes, some low end, infabass-drrone style
Faster? Slower? No


Picture : Bee Lumen
Music : Hypoglycémie (Grégory David & Raphaël Jarry)
Explanation of the process: during the three confinements in France, we created 130 pieces of music corresponding to 130 days of strict confinement. Lockdown 2, is a project entirely created during the 46 days of the second confinement, due to the Covid health crisis in France. The original idea of ​​Bee Lumen and Raphaël Jarry was to produce a piece of music that corresponded to an image every day. The Victory title corresponds to the eighth day of the second confinement (Lockdown 2). That day, the information on the media in France (TV, radio, etc.) was constantly talking about the American elections. This is why we opted for an extremely politicized voice and for us completely strange. Usually I did each piece alone (confinement requires) but for this specific day, we were two to improvise. The musical duo is called Hypoglycémie.

-infDB · Undergrowth ( disquiet0505 )

This is from a session with a simple loop that is being kneaded through Compass. I really enjoy this type of work, repetative, but driving.

My shortcomings come from not being able to develop the tracks further than a successful improvised run and I am wondering where to go to from here. Any advice?

Ed: I also have some trouble with Soundcloud’s embed code. Could also take some comments on this.


The playlist is now rolling, but before I get to that: Some folks have wondered how, exactly, to reply to other people’s tracks since the software this message board runs on doesn’t allow what the system calls “consecutive replies.” The answer is exemplified by what @binarysweets did up above in this thread, which is to have replied to multiple individuals/tracks within a single post.

And in related news, the playlist is now rolling:


Soft Alien is the fake name of a work in progress that I have been struggling with. An hour-long drone with “softer alien sounds” wrestles with my sensibilities (vague as they are). Really looking for feedback here - if this was your music, what would you do with it (and no, I will not toss it out because there is something here). Thanks for helping - all serious suggestions are considered.


Hey all.

I built this track working through Eli Fieldsteel’s excellent Supercollider Tutorial series on YouTube. The synth was built by using the Dust UGen to ping a resonant filter and then an envelope was added. The whole thing was sequenced by randomizing several parameters in a Pbind.

I’m hoping to get some insight on where to go from here, if anywhere. I feel like the piece in its current state… works, but it’s very static IMO. But maybe the minimal approach is best? Most of my music education up until the last 5-7 years has been guitar-based, so I’m still figuring out what “my sound” is in this idiom, I’m curious what y’all think.


@NorthWoods I love it, very calm and balanced!! you could try two versions of the song, the one-chord and the many-chord takes, and release them as sides a and b of a virtual 7" single called “the one and the many”

@bassling I like the bitcrushed sound on the percussion. I’ve never done that myself, but now I wanna try. sounded good on headphones, esp. the use of the stereo field. the hi hats that emerged half way were pretty loud (something I struggle with)…

@tristan_louth_robins I have a soft spot for waltzes. this is a lovely, evolving collage. was the swelling static around 0m40s a hint that the fly was about to emerge more directly/literally? (I felt like we were shifting more definitely into another kind of consciousness.) that’s how I took it…

@ryanscottmattingly love your chaos. was listening to napalm death’s first LP yesterday. if you decide to add drums, go full grindcore!!

@DeDe thanks for calling me out on the annoying cymbals in my song. will work on them. about your track: the rhythm is great but it all ends too quickly. I liked the handclaps, too. If this was my piece I’d start with just the handclaps and slowly add in more and more percussion elements, or start with the full ensemble and remove elements until only the claps remain. (depends what mood you want).

@Glitcher your track is utterly beautiful, and I can feel myself breathing slower as I listen. the only thing I can say is that the lead synth that comes in has a lot of high end and it pushes back the dreamlike/edge of consciousness tone created at the beginning of the track. my instinct would be to roll off the EQ a little to preserve that dreamy state… but, of course, it depends what mood you are after!!

@raph wow, I remember that crazy speech… your piece is very interesting, because when the voice dropped out after two minutes, I thought “the music contains more sense and meaning than the speech”. perhaps because of the ongoing covid situation, your powerful track sounded like a slowly building nightmare made up of hospital visits and medical procedures. although it sounds very different, you reminded me of FANTOMAS’ album “delirium cordia” - do you know it?


I made this a couple weeks ago recording several iterations and recording variations of blisko>lubadh>magneto, with layers from blisko>arbhar and Lekko>Mimeophone. These were mixed into Jumble Henge using ES-9/5 for clock and incorporating samples.

I was curious what could be better, how it conveys, if it is musical, enjoyable, etc.


Wanted to participate this week as I found the prompt interesting. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with being able to listen to my own music and hear it without all the noise that went into creating it. Deciding if it’s “good” or not, trying to figure out how to make it “better”. I created the start of this track a few days ago as a way of getting my head out of the project I’ve been in and making something different, something fun regardless of whether it’s any good or not. Totally a work in progress, there are things I like and things I don’t. Might develop further, or might just leave it be.

Feedback is welcome, but not necessary. Mostly just sharing to help others get out of whatever headspace they may be in, assuming they want to.