Disquiet Junto Project 0505: Line Out

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This is from a session with a simple loop that is being kneaded through Compass. I really enjoy this type of work, repetative, but driving.

My shortcomings come from not being able to develop the tracks further than a successful improvised run and I am wondering where to go to from here. Any advice?

Ed: I also have some trouble with Soundcloud’s embed code. Could also take some comments on this.


The playlist is now rolling, but before I get to that: Some folks have wondered how, exactly, to reply to other people’s tracks since the software this message board runs on doesn’t allow what the system calls “consecutive replies.” The answer is exemplified by what @binarysweets did up above in this thread, which is to have replied to multiple individuals/tracks within a single post.

And in related news, the playlist is now rolling:


Soft Alien is the fake name of a work in progress that I have been struggling with. An hour-long drone with “softer alien sounds” wrestles with my sensibilities (vague as they are). Really looking for feedback here - if this was your music, what would you do with it (and no, I will not toss it out because there is something here). Thanks for helping - all serious suggestions are considered.


Hey all.

I built this track working through Eli Fieldsteel’s excellent Supercollider Tutorial series on YouTube. The synth was built by using the Dust UGen to ping a resonant filter and then an envelope was added. The whole thing was sequenced by randomizing several parameters in a Pbind.

I’m hoping to get some insight on where to go from here, if anywhere. I feel like the piece in its current state… works, but it’s very static IMO. But maybe the minimal approach is best? Most of my music education up until the last 5-7 years has been guitar-based, so I’m still figuring out what “my sound” is in this idiom, I’m curious what y’all think.


@NorthWoods I love it, very calm and balanced!! you could try two versions of the song, the one-chord and the many-chord takes, and release them as sides a and b of a virtual 7" single called “the one and the many”

@bassling I like the bitcrushed sound on the percussion. I’ve never done that myself, but now I wanna try. sounded good on headphones, esp. the use of the stereo field. the hi hats that emerged half way were pretty loud (something I struggle with)…

@tristan_louth_robins I have a soft spot for waltzes. this is a lovely, evolving collage. was the swelling static around 0m40s a hint that the fly was about to emerge more directly/literally? (I felt like we were shifting more definitely into another kind of consciousness.) that’s how I took it…

@ryanscottmattingly love your chaos. was listening to napalm death’s first LP yesterday. if you decide to add drums, go full grindcore!!

@DeDe thanks for calling me out on the annoying cymbals in my song. will work on them. about your track: the rhythm is great but it all ends too quickly. I liked the handclaps, too. If this was my piece I’d start with just the handclaps and slowly add in more and more percussion elements, or start with the full ensemble and remove elements until only the claps remain. (depends what mood you want).

@Glitcher your track is utterly beautiful, and I can feel myself breathing slower as I listen. the only thing I can say is that the lead synth that comes in has a lot of high end and it pushes back the dreamlike/edge of consciousness tone created at the beginning of the track. my instinct would be to roll off the EQ a little to preserve that dreamy state… but, of course, it depends what mood you are after!!

@raph wow, I remember that crazy speech… your piece is very interesting, because when the voice dropped out after two minutes, I thought “the music contains more sense and meaning than the speech”. perhaps because of the ongoing covid situation, your powerful track sounded like a slowly building nightmare made up of hospital visits and medical procedures. although it sounds very different, you reminded me of FANTOMAS’ album “delirium cordia” - do you know it?


I made this a couple weeks ago recording several iterations and recording variations of blisko>lubadh>magneto, with layers from blisko>arbhar and Lekko>Mimeophone. These were mixed into Jumble Henge using ES-9/5 for clock and incorporating samples.

I was curious what could be better, how it conveys, if it is musical, enjoyable, etc.


Wanted to participate this week as I found the prompt interesting. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with being able to listen to my own music and hear it without all the noise that went into creating it. Deciding if it’s “good” or not, trying to figure out how to make it “better”. I created the start of this track a few days ago as a way of getting my head out of the project I’ve been in and making something different, something fun regardless of whether it’s any good or not. Totally a work in progress, there are things I like and things I don’t. Might develop further, or might just leave it be.

Feedback is welcome, but not necessary. Mostly just sharing to help others get out of whatever headspace they may be in, assuming they want to.


I have been flogging this a while and have been casting about for a way to finish it. I have tried all sorts of things in an effort to “complete” it, but maybe it is better to leave them unsaid. I am grateful for any thoughts for approaches, rethinking, etc. Many thanks.


thanks, that’s a good advice, I will probably do that. I won’t make it longer tho, but will definitely rework it following the progression you suggest.


Some feedback:

@raph Nice going from the voices to the rest. Enjoyable texture after intensity.

@DeDe I get some associations to Mayhem’s Silvester Anfang from this track. I think the answer for you might be a combo of the three? It can cerainly stand alone, maybe even at its current length, might also be a useful loop snippet, or as a fill somewhere.

@NorthWoods Some texture in the bottom might be nice. Otherwise, to progress: transposing, perhaps?

@howthenightcame I like the build up, but on occasion it feels a bit crowded (mostly around :43 when the slur/roll is being used a bit much for my taste, after that it was all right). Nice trip hop vibes though. Reminds me quite a bit of Xploding Plastix.

@antique_digital I love the texture in the background. For me, the track is fine, I’m having a hard time seeing the sonic space that could be filled with more elements alongside those existing. Perhaps an interlude, or a pause at some point? Some silence?


@Thhhh thanks for listening. i think you’re right, the roll does need some trimming. off to check out “Xploding Plastix” now!!

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@Thhhh thanks, the Mayhem track is an excellent reference. I will make mine shorter, use it as an interlude somewhere and follow @howthenightcame 's advice about the progression, I’ll make it build from sparse and calm to wilder drumming in less than two minutes, that could work. Cheers



First time here doing this.

The track is part of something I’ve been working on lately, using an Erbe Verb as a solitary sound source and trying to create something a little more ‘performed’ - Hmmm … not exactly the right word - something where I controlled what was happening rather than automation. I recorded a few 10 minute improvs where I sort of knew what I wanted but also knew they wouldn’t be complete, self-contained tracks, and then took some of them and combined them in Logic - just editing for volume and timing. There is one additional sine-wave apart from the EV and I used Logic’s Sampler to produce the sequencer voices from the EV stems.

Its’ really an experiment to see if it works in theory and produces an organic whole … I have experimented before with single-voice pieces but not as a polyphonic track.

Any comments, suggestions etc. gratefully received.


I love the feel of this, it has great atmosphere and draws you in. I’d probably leave this one as it is and move on to expand the ideas it has spawned - maybe with the addition of an evolving, distant drum line to guide it towards a central or finale section. Can’t help thinking that a sprinkling of percussive guitar through a spring reverb and mic’d amp would fit …


I do like these sounds - kind of similar to those I’m working with. I think when you’re working on something like this you have to be brave and try different things out, take it somewhere, listen back, and then make a judgement; try something else or hone what you came up with. Loads of dead ends - but you never know where it might go. I know working with an initial palette like this is difficult because once you start adding other sounds you can easily relegate the initial sound into something more background rather than “sound-world’. Well worth the effort though


Sounds great - what more can I say. The approach definitely works to give that improv feel.


Nice melodic lines - For me it works best for the first 5 minutes then i kind of lose the forward motion in the dissonances for a while until it picks up again in the last third. Thats probably just me though


Sounds very cinematic as it is. Have you tried taking each stem and feeding them individually through some some tempo synced effects - filters, crushers delays etc - and then mixing those tracks back in at various points to give an alternative sound-space you can dip in and out of during the track?


Oooh …I do like B - but then I’m a sucker for mid-70’s, Heroes/Low/Lodger-period Bowie and I think that the live bass line is spot on for that. Great song…


Lovely sounds - I think I’d just leave it be … perfect.


Leave it … its great. Cooked to perfection


There’s something a touch Joy Division about the feel of this that I really like - for me its missing something along the lines of a super-melodic Hooky-esque bass barb - something to drag you in and drive it forward. Nice



@xiiixxi perhaps i’ve spent the whole weekend listening to sunn o))), and your work just flows out beautifully - thank you for sharing it. the short crescendos that start puncturing us from the four minute mark are exquisite.

a couple of questions:
(i) am i hearing voices around the middle of the track?!
(ii) i don’t know anything about the EV. are you getting it to self-oscillate, or… ?

@DeDe would love to hear what your track turns into!!


@howthenightcame Thank you :slight_smile:

(i) The ‘voices’ come from one of the sequencer tracks - I think because of the pre-delay on it’s reverb. Also, I moded the Sampler to move along the sample (which is a complete stem) so each note-source sample is a new but related.

(ii) Yes, Erbe Verb can self-oscillate and all parameters are adjustable. I used the sliders on a Batumi 1974 LFO manually to change the parameters on the EV.


@howthenightcame this is great. The drums definitely have a live feel, the only thing that is different from a totally live kit would be space and position (not panning, but distance). It didn’t feel cluttered to me.

@tristan_louth_robins This is lovely. The second section has that dreamlike quality of a waltz, the hi hat really helps keep the feel.

@DeDe These are excellent. I don’t think you could go wrong with options 1 or 2. I think the concept of using these as a lead in to a more melodic themed piece would be very interesting.

@Glitcher Maybe nothing? :stuck_out_tongue: I think the space and air in it is wonderful as is, adding more may detract from that.

@NorthWoods I agree with @DeDe. Some low end/drone type element would be awesome.

@ray_cobley Love the textures and space of the elements.


First time I’m joining the Junto! My contribution is a bit of a modular ‘wall of sound’ that I recorded mostly by playing the Mannequins W/ live, capturing unsynced snippets of Marbles generating sequences for an oscillator run through a Doepfer A-189-1 bit crusher, doubling and halving octaves and manually pitching up and down fifths. The rest of the patch is mostly parts of the mix sent through the Make Noise FxdF with unsynced LFOs from Ochd. This is a 5 minutes cut of a much longer jam with some layering in Ableton. My main questions are the following:

  1. Is it too long and/or improvisatory? Typical modular music that is fun to make, but not to listen to?
  2. What instruments or sounds might I add to make it seem more like a finished track?
  3. How can I make it seem more structured, ‘composed’ and/or less chaotic? Or should I embrace the chaos but shorten it down to, say, 2 or 3 minutes?

Looking forward to listening to other people’s contributions! My comments are below


Something very much unfinished, just the first idea of the overall sound I was going for: a summer-feel with old-school overdriven synths and something danceable. At this point I often hesitate, do I go for it and expand it with sections and so on, or do I mangle it up into something far less recognizable and more edgy.

@howthenightcame Like it a lot - one idea would be to play with the bass’s rhythm and placement. Its sound is great.

@jimkang Sonically quite interesting to me at least. Can easily imagine a melody on top, if that’s a direction you’d want to take it.

@DeDe Would love to hear that with some acoustical instruments on top; feels like a great track to jam to if it could be extended somehow (maybe even loop it); not ordinary at all and thus triggering ideas.

@PaulBeaudoin Difficult one; its softness and subtlety would be hard to keep when mixing in other things, but perhaps building something else off it and then starting with this, fade in the other thing and back to this could work.

@glitcher Totally like it :smiley:


@fakeg3nius I like the distorted sounds and because of the summery vibe would take this further in a warm, dubby direction — think tape delays, saturation, sub bass.

@xiiixxi Feels very meditative and I feel that it can either be developed in spooky/cinematic or in mystical directions if you want to add some kind of counterpoint. For the former, I am thinking radio tuning noise, numbers stations, ring modulated, unsynced material; for the latter, I would add processed vocals or perhaps gamelan type metallic instruments for a more organic feel. It also sounds like it could be a great tape piece for a solo instrumentalist to play along with, say on cello.

@3Keay I like this a lot as is already, clearly a very developed piece. For my taste the piano is perhaps a bit too detuned/wobbly and I would look for other ways to make it sound ‘broken’ or lo-fi (plugins?). I believe the backing beat could be used a bit more sparsely; a large part of the track could be used for build up towards the reintroduction of the beat.

@melondruie Love how this develops and unfolds, although I feel it could unfold more quickly. Perhaps the opening would benefit from some atmospheric pad or fx with reverb perhaps with a synced/dotted/rhythmic delay that emphasises the evocation of polyrhythm and prefigures the very atmospheric parts to come later in the song. In terms of the mix I’d like to hear more bass and less harsh treble.-

@Aaah Very beautiful and evocative, I envision desolate mountain landscapes as I listen to this — pictures of Iceland or Scotland come to mind. Works great as it is but perhaps you could try to insert some brief moments of silence in between phrases.

@antique_digital I wouldn’t add anything here, this is a beautiful piece as it is. Perhaps the only thing is that the start could be more gradual (bringing voices in separately).