Disquiet Junto Project 0505: Line Out

thanks!! hadn’t heard of infabass, gonna check it out.

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I think the solo cello is a great idea … I’ll certainly think on about that one :grinning:


I took a moment to listen to the whole thing, here is a little feedback on the experience. My English is not perfect, excuse my French. I really enjoyed listening to the different musical proposals. Thank you to all the participants, it’s very ethereal and enriching

Introspective music, with a very pleasant listening introduction, then a synthesizer comes in and takes the lead vocals. I also appreciate the dissonance that sets in after a few moments. The intensity increases after 6 or 7 minutes which is appreciable, we wait for a few more to arrive (like an announcement) and it happens around 12 minutes when the sound intensity decreases. Congratulations, the proposal is stretched and I have to say that it is not always easy to do.

Beautiful energy. The voice punctuates the riffs, it’s successful. The mix is balanced, on the other hand on low-end speakers the treble of the guitar solo stands out enormously (it’s fun … rock’n roll). I like the electro rock mix with this guitar solo that punctuates the whole on the first part. Well done ! I admit not having found a big difference between the two parts at the first listening.

Nice percussive atmosphere, it makes me shake my head. A surprising melodic and percussive mix in the construction of the pieces of music. Excellent!

I really like the drums, the sounds have a nice texture, very pleasant to listen to with the bass. A little guitar solo punctuates the whole, very soothing. A success, simple and effective.

A sweet and mysterious introduction. The song settles down in peace and stretches in the same spirit then disappears. I really like this song

An aerial piece of music, very relaxing. The use of its reverse is successful. Great

A beginning of the song with a beautiful musical loop that evolves in intensity and sound … it’s rich and entertaining. The sequence between the games is fluid, it’s nice. The mix is well balanced, it is happiness to listen to (even on poor quality speakers). Congratulations

A piece of music with a sweet melody, easy to listen to … we expect a sequel that does not arrive, but it’s great to stay late sometimes. Pleasant

A piece of music on which I visualize images. A mysterious and slightly melancholy side in this music. The sound proposal is well stretched. Intriguing, I like.


@fakeg3nius I agree with @otaro, you could definitely take this in a dubby direction by automating some nice warm tape echoes, it’s a really nice seed for something cool though.

@otaro 1. not at all, I think you’ve discovered some lovely textures that deserve the amount of time you’ve given them to develop. 2. I feel like some percussion would help to emphasize the pulse of the music more, maybe heavily processed tablas? 3. I wouldn’t shorten it, it’s very nice as it is, if you wanted more ‘structure’ that could be done through additional elements to give the existing track more context.

@xiiixxi ooh, that is so moody and jarring in the best possible way. I love how the sequenced part just sits deep in the background so you’re almost not sure you’re hearing it at first.

@Thhhh very meditative, this piece manages to be soothing despite the jagged sound palette. It’s very harmonically rich, maybe some subtle automated filters or EQ to bring out different partials would help it feel like less of a “single take”, but I find it achieves the “repetitive but driving” goal you’ve set for yourself either way.

@raph such a cool montage of seemingly disparate sounds arranged so cohesively. The sampled speech in the beginning lends its manic, repetitive tone to the rest of the piece, which starts very minimal and becomes more unsettled as it progresses.

@Aaah this feels like the score to the opening scene of a film I would very much like to see. The emotional depth of this piece is stunning, I can’t possibly imagine anything improving upon what you have here aside from a touch of mastering to level out some of the peaks while maintaining the dynamic range.


First batch of feedback. I’ll endeavour to listen to other submissions throughout the day/coming week. :slight_smile:

@howthenightcame: this has such a nice groove and I think the doubts you have about the arrangement being too ‘cluttered’ are resolved by the moments of restraint. I think it balances the piece out really well. The unexpected coda with the shimmering guitar is a lovely touch.

@bassling: I like how the coarse-ness of the percussive noise is leavened out with the warmth of the bleep/bloops. The spatial quality of the mix keeps it feeling dynamic as well.

@jimkang: I think this works beautifully as an ambient accompaniment at a reasonably low volume. I had it going in the background as I did a couple of things and I thought that its duration was well suited to this mode of listening.

@ryanscottmattingly: Mad drums would fit this maelstrom well, but as I listened, I was thinking how nice it would be to hear a big dirty smear of bass boom amongst it all!


Do you mean electronic kick or marching band bass drum?

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Hey All, I have been consumed with a huge landscaping job every weekend for quite a while. It may be a small world but I wouldn’t want to landscape it. I have really enjoyed getting to use heavy equipment and my neighbor has really helped me big time on this and showed me the ropes. We had a huge flood and our plan for water drainage worked instead of sliding down the hill. We hope to plant the grass soon and hope it takes hold. So that being said I don’t really have much time so I am submitting an idea I had for the Stones Throw Forever beat battle. I never miss a week of that or the junto if at all possible. So here is the prompt I was given for this week

Here is what I got so far. Give me the tip that finally gets me a win after 300 or so tries.

Hope all are well. Peace, Hugh

After Post Post: I thought about @Gahlord comment and tried to incorporate some of their ideas. I had the drums come in sooner and I added a guitar solo(Kontakt) instead of a sax solo. I am more of a loop fiend than a soloist but I gave it a shot. I also added some waves crashing and added the waves sound to a drum kit so that that it hit with the snare. Thanks for the feedback. Here it is if anybody wanted to check it out. I couldn’t submit to to the battle because of the No VST rule for this week.


@raph @fakeg3nius @Aaah @xiiixxi thanks guys, I really appreciate this comments and siggestions. I don’t think I’ll add instruments on top of this, but I will build some loops out of the more “groovy” parts to be used on a different track.
This master, I will rework it with a more dramatic build in-crescendo and will make a shorter track, like an interlude between two tracks or something. Cheers


Continuation of the report of the musical listening.

An experimental musical piece punctuated by silence, it catches the ear. The musical proposal is well stretched and evolves with simplicity, it is pleasant to listen to. Congratulations

Musical introduction with an electronic percussion sound (a space marimba). The sound intensity increases after a minute, a beautiful dynamic. My head moves to the musical pulse. This cheerful ethnic electronic music is a success, I like it! well done.

Simple and effective noise music. The life of a Diplomat must look like this sometimes because it is very talkative in musical notes. It reminds me of a conversation in a room with a lot of people talking. Great ! I like

Humdrum offers a nice musical atmosphere. The metallic sounds bring a nice dynamic to the whole and the musical proposal is well stretched over ten minutes. Music conducive to daydreaming. Thank you, congratulations

This piece of music bounces, I imagine balloons. A beautiful depth in the sounds with a swaying rhythm. Very entertaining to listen to. well done

An introduction with sounds of violins with a well-worked sound. It is relaxing and at the same time there is a slight tension which attracts the ear. A nice balance, I like.

Soft alien is a piece of music that I find meditative. We can dream of listening because the musical proposal is stretched over the entire duration of the piece, it is very pleasant to listen to. Congratulations

This piece of music crackles like a volcano. A real pleasure to listen to. An enigmatic and powerful side! It’s super cool

A piece of electronic music which rises in intensity until the fourth minute then slides into another less powerful but more singing phase with the play on the sounds. Very pleasant to listen to. The game on musical sounds and on the stretching of the sound proposal is at the rendezvous. Well done !


@danieldiaz - pulses that move to locks as reso moves to nance - space opens up and reveals itself

@binary_sweets- I want more over this rhythmic grid - I thought about a story of a french bakery - so yeah, it can go that way sometimes.

@halF_unusuaL your grid makes all the more sense each time I hear it

@keayedwards - I love how your hyper beats disappear into clouds of sound

@antique_digital your Geiger counters moves from the static to the clouds - again, I like how everything will disappear

@melondruie thick and anxious timbres - where will it bring us?

@howthenightcame your bass moved to a kind of trip-hop - then where will it go next? Once you are there, do you really need to leave.


Thank you, @antique_digital and @raph. Some filter modulation or subtle processing might be the ticket!

My main musical activity is the participation in the Disquiet Junto Projects. In between weekends I work on other tracks if I have some time to spare - but only one at a time. This track is the result of the last few weeks.

I am quite unsure what to make of it. Too boring ? Too much ? Too much of what ?
Any ideas are welcome ! Thank you very much in advance.

I will listen to the other contributions later this week and comment.


Continuation of the report of the musical listening.

The sound comes slowly with a nice introduction. A piece of music, triphop style. The construction and development is simple and efficient. A beautiful dynamic and a balanced mix pleasant to listen to. Excellent!

A dark and disturbing piece of music (dark atmosphere). The unfolding of the piece leaves spaces for breathing. A beautiful tension, it is successful. The musical proposal is well stretched over time in order to maintain the atmosphere. Perfect for a horror movie soundtrack. well done

The introduction is chatty and powerful. 45th seconds of the piece of music there is a nice breath (a few seconds less talkative) then it starts again. There is a nice balance between the musical parts. If there was anything to add, I would say rhythmic elements to be introduced after the first fifty seconds to obtain an even more powerful result. well done


@tristan_louth_robins: I like how strong the waltz feel is, despite being definitely of our time. The decision to keep the original melody low in the mix is a good one, as it sounds a lot more mysterious that way.

@ryanscottmattingly: Feels very Alien Planetscapes to me. I think I like it formless and beatless.

@alanza: I’d like to hear more of the real bendy stuff around 1:44 that takes the pitches off-grid a bit. Around the 6:00 mark is where I think some kind of change in the bassier of the two layers would be welcome. Maybe it could even drop out for a bit, depending on how dramatic you want this to be. Around the 13-minute mark, there’s this nice let-up in density. Some more sparseness could be cool. Generally, I imagine more action in the upper registers could be nice, though I could be wrong.

@DeDe: I like the crunchy, non-traditional percussion sounds here. I think a lot of people like pure percussion pattern tracks (Steve Reich’s Drumming, et al), but I’d like to hear this with pitched instruments. (Option 1.) I imagine it would sound like a really deep musical space that way, even with just one pitched instrument.


This track has been sitting around in my musical fridge for a few years, and this project gave me the perfect opportunity to take it back out for a reevaluation.

It is very minimalist in nature, consisting of only a tom-tom ostinato and light synth sweeps. The track was then tripled with minor variations for each track (one is pitched up seven semitones for example). Does the track need anything else, or does it serve its purpose as a minimalist beat?


Hey everyone! Long time no see and congrats on surpassing 500 weeks of prompts!!

Here’s my track and I’m open to any feedback, particularly around the bassline. This is kinda the skeleton of a track I’m working on in Ableton and will flesh it out soon, but I’m curious about the second half of the bassline sections which I’m not super sold on… Also the ending sample will be adjusted, I just thought it would be a fun way to end this snippet.

I’ll definitely check out y’all’s posts and share any feedback that I feel like will be helpful.


antique_digital: I would tone down some of the higher frequencies, but all the components are otherwise in place to make for a solid ambient track.

Aaah: Perhaps you can pan some of the sounds slightly to the left to balance things out, but that could just be my headphone. The string tones are very good, and the wind like howls that enter around the minute mark add a nice contrast to the pure trills of the strings.

@3Keay Huge fan of the ambient intro before the intro comes in. The shaker and rhythm track lays down a nice foundation. While I am mixed on the slightly out of tune piano, the electric piano that enters around 1:45 is far more pleasant in comparison. The synth stabs and pads around that section are also great. There is something to that piano motif, and the slightly out of tune quality to it works better when it reenters. Finally, the ending is really cool, although I might tone down the static a bit.

@melondruie An extra set of ears is helpful when creating music, and you have several sets here! The arpeggio you have is hypnotic yet pleasant and builds up rather nicely up to the four and a half minute mark. I might trim the song down a bit, particularly the section from 4:30 - 5:10. It loses a bit of momentum, but you might be going for a quieter ending, which is also fine. I might also eliminate the synth warble on the right channel around the 7:17 mark. The ending is otherwise pretty nice.


Thanks, I’ve been working on a new version today, will update the file tomorrow. I followed some other advices, making it shorter and with a gradual build. I like it.
But you suggestion could spark a new track based on my original longer mix but with some pitched instrument on top, it could also be some melodic percussion, like xylophone and marimbas, it could be a brand different thing, I like the idea, thanks!

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Thanks both of you. I will try it out and see what it brings !


@jimkang I really like the way this sounds and it’s not too sparse to me at all. My only thought is that you may want to look at some of the transitions between notes as there were a few where there was some discord. I think it definitely works as-is if you were liking the eerie vibes from it.

@tristan_louth_robins that track you made sounds incredible and the back story give context to the fly buzzing sounds. I hope you post about this project when it’s completed.

@antique_digital I love this. Filter pings are my favorite sound besides pitch-shifted/stretched vocals. I like it as-is and think there’s totally a place for compositions like this.