Disquiet Junto Project 0510: Cold Turkey

Sitting here on my desk gathering dust for way too long is an old Maschine Jam that I keep around as I use it as a midi controller for visuals now and then.

I fired it up, always its best feature, and then proceeded to free-fall for an hour trying to remember how to load a sample and create a track.
It’s workflow is very tight and rigid if you do not use it a lot. That said once I was underway it was pretty enjoyable and as the name implies you do tend to jam things out.

When starting out on a track I like have to a few different paths I can take be it a synth or a field recording or a piece of junk I found. The Jam dropped as an option for inspiration a long time ago but I now I think I will give it another try before it goes back to sitting on my desk gathering dust.
Great concept. It strained my tiny brain which is always a good thing.


Sinny: 20’’ ZBT Zildjian ride cymbal

For this song, I selected the ride cymbal from my first drum kit. While all other components were eventually sold, this ride cymbal stuck around several years later before getting retired. However, the drum store I brought this cymbal to didn’t even want it, so I stored it underneath a workshop table, where it would lay dormant for several years.

To get in the true spirit of this project, I decided that I would only record with the ride cymbal to compensate for its time collecting dust. Three different types of sticks were used: brushes for some eighth/sixteenth note bursts and cymbal rubs, a triangle beater for various accents, and a thick SDI General drumstick for cymbal screeches, accomplished by applying friction on the groove of the cymbal.

Seven tracks in total were used, with three of those dedicated to the cymbal screeches. Of those three, one was pitched down 36 semitones, with the end result somewhat resembling a whale sound. Cavernous reverb and rolling delay plugins were also applied to some of the remaining tracks to create a unique atmosphere. One of the tracks was also reversed for a shimmering and warping effect.