Disquiet Junto Project 0511: Freeze Tag

Like a few others i was drawn to the climate change angle of this weeks project. The thaw as opposed to the freeze.

There are two hard panned bleepy synth lines recored using fall on norns. these were set over a nice drone chord. dripping water and other things added for mood.


As with other recent submissions, started off far too complex - this time aiming for a modular patch with CV controlled phase transition from liquid to frozen, macro controlling various parameters - tempo division, modulation depth, Beads ‘frostiness’, etc.

Recording is a cut back version of this idea after running into unrelated technical issues (found out after recording caused by output module not being plugged in, explaining weird clipping I just couldn’t figure out while recording :man_facepalming:)

Always appreciate the various learning experiences the Junto throws at me!


The foundation of this track is a field recording from the mouth of the collapsed ice cave situated on the west side of Hrafntinnusker in Fjallabak. The cave was formed around a number of geothermal vents and as such is in a constant state of freezing and thawing. Towards the end you can hear a creschendo of wind and rain from a separate recording of a stormy night in Emstrur.

The musical parts are based on a snippet from the norns script raindrops and some instruments from the Spitfire LABS library.

I really enjoyed participating, hopefully I get some time to join in next week.


well this came out dramatic
think i was influenced by that john luther adams autobiography, great circle by maggie shipstead, the climate fuckup, and a character called granite in an ursula k le guin novel

cello, viola, violin, guitar samples in 2 instances of iris 2
running thru podfarm, ambient reverb, supermassive
had freeze on in ambient reverb til it got too much

played notes every so often slowly going up the octaves


Ripples + Monsoon + Nano Freeze Pedal. Stochastic audio data was generated and cast to these faithful servants.


Fleeting feeling of warmth when cold.
For temperature: Arturia’s Matrix-12 renegade sequenced by Pigments and glitched out Breaktweaker instances.
Warm feeling: encapsulated UVI Model D piano.
Everything: mashed and modulated in REAPER. Sprinkled Xfer Delta Modulator into every crevace.


Three sound sources - steam, a clock and a snippet from an old chamber orchestra piece I wrote. Frozen, redacted, and then “recooked” to enhance the flavours. The freeze extracted lots of empty space and created cloud bowls of harmony. The result - I’m gonna make this even longer.


created with Sibelius and Logic
I am writing a set of pieces about changes of state between solid-liquid-gas;
this seemed the most appropriate to post
yesterday I found the plan I came up with for this section in April-May of this year
The idea of sublimation is implied by the notes of the Treble Clef being unused
material below implies solid state; above, gasous
The plan included a harmonic structure with root-movement confined to 3rds (minimalist) further implying a solid;
I usually write in pencil and wait for players to come along - or pay someone to perform and make a recording of that but I only found out about this project a few days ago so used the software I had to hand to knock up this demo

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I am no cook at all, but I decided to just believe in the magic of freezing :slight_smile: .
I decided to proceed as follows and build a track of three consecutive parts:

  • first part compose a short piece of music and start the track with that
  • second part perform the freezing and thawing symbolized by slow tempo, restricted frequencies and reverb
  • third part repeat the piece of music in its enhanced state

I tried to keep to the allegory and only ameliorate the music, and not to exaggerate and introduce totally new sounds, melodies, etc. But also not to make the pre-freezing part intentionally dull.

I was in the mood for virtual instruments, so I used two pianos and the melodica from pianobook, brass from the Spitfire BBC Orchestra, and only a few synth sounds. The thawing resulted in additional effects added to all the instruments.
In the end I did add one instrument for flavour, a Hauschka Toolkit sound…


Consisting of just two synth tracks, this is my most bare bone disquiet project thus far. An icy synth bell patch serves as the lead instrument, while an industrial organ patch provides a subtle ambiance.

To create the sense of freezing and melting, I let the BPM oscillate throughout. At one point, it drops all the way down to 41 before picking all the way up to 194. I had no idea if I could finish this on time, but I ultimately came up with something cool by the end of the day. Enjoy!


This one is about long-frozen creatures emerging from slumber to …
To create this I recorded some mallet percussion and drum sounds by triggering midi from electronic drum pads. That process was a first (e-drums are new), and I enjoyed it a lot. Then I used the “freeze” function on two reverb devices (standard and spectral time) in Ableton Live and recorded the feeding back “frozen” reverb sounds. The monstrous frozen sound creature then interplays with the normal sounds as the creatures struggle to come to life. Video FX created with Zwobot.
Soundcloud option here: Stream Reanimating Frozen Creatures [disquiet 0511] by Creatures Once | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


Whenever an online music generator or tool crosses my path I bookmark it. Things like online synths, loopers, virtual drum machines, DAW web apps, moog or drum machine emulators. I have these… plans to coordinate them onto tracks and make music without real instruments or mod-synth devices. But so far the true output has been an unorganized collection of bookmarks, “frozen” in a deep-freeze archive over years waiting to thaw.

So for #Disquiet0511 the process of “thawing” has been to pull these links out of deep-freeze, checking each to see if the project is still active, or gone freezer-burned — many of them are gone. For instance, Dub Selektor was an awesome, gamefied dub reggae generator; but created in Adobe Flash, and long disappeared. I planned to use it as bedrock on tracks, but that opportunity passed.

Some are more stable - any big project from Google will stay there for some time (AR Synth museum, MusicLab).

Is there a work process to better use these more frequently? I have enough of them I can’t remember what they all do.

Details on sources is on the track’s soundcloud page, but quickly, used the Google Paint with Music experiment; an online MIDI keyboard; Google Arpeggios instrument; Citizen DJ sounds on a grid for remix projects; mouseovers of video cloud from The Modular Body Project.

(This last track just maxxed out my Soundcloud – “360 of 360 minutes (100%) used.”)


I took a piano snippet from an old “anxiety sketchbook” from March, specifically a phrase I was unable to complete, and “froze” on a chord near the end of what was there. After replicating and playing around with the frozen chord, I endeavored to thaw it back out and create a complete phrase at the end.


Wish I had glaciers to traverse and record in my neck of the woods. Sweet track.

@bassling Great piece and visuals


@disquiet I have also re-uploaded my track, “Freeze and-Go-Seek”, since the original track was barely audible. This is to ensure it makes it back on the Disquiet0511 playlist. I will attach it here again just in case you can’t find the track. Thank you!


Thanks. I have added to the playlist. The reason it hadn’t shown up before in the playlist was because “disquiet” is misspelled, and so it didn’t come up in the search return.

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