Disquiet Junto Project 0516: Outside In (Co/Exist 1 of 3)

This week’s Disquiet Junto project is the first of a three-parter. You can participate in all three, or in any two of the three, or even just one of the three. Part one began November 18. Part two will begin on November 25, and part three on December 2. Major thanks to @morgulbee and @mzero for having proposed it. Instructions went out, as always, via tinyletter.com/disquiet-junto.

Each Thursday in the Disquiet Junto group, a new compositional challenge is set before the group’s members, who then have just over four days to upload a track in response to the assignment. Membership in the Junto is open: just join and participate. (A SoundCloud account is helpful but not required.) There’s no pressure to do every project. It’s weekly so that you know it’s there, every Thursday through Monday, when you have the time.

Deadline: This project’s deadline is the end of the day Monday, November 22, 2021, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are. It was posted on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

These are the instructions that went out to the group’s email list (at tinyletter.com/disquiet-junto):

Disquiet Junto Project 0516: Outside In (Co/Exist 1 of 3)

The Assignment: Record a minute or two of nature.

This is the first of a three-part project sequence. You can participate in all three parts, or any two of the three, or even just any one of them. Part one began on November 18, part two will begin on November 25, and part three will begin on December 2. Thanks to Alan Bland and Mark Lentczner for having proposed the project.

There is one step for this project: Record a minute or two of nature, whether that be bubbling streams, leaves rustling in the breeze, the sounds of birds and crickets, etc., however it is that you might define nature.

Note that the three-part sequence will eventually draw from this project’s results, so it’s helpful if you set your track for download so that other musicians can make use of it down the road.

Seven More Important Steps When Your Track Is Done:

Step 1: Include “disquiet0516” (no spaces or quotation marks) in the name of your tracks.

Step 2: If your audio-hosting platform allows for tags, be sure to also include the project tag “disquiet0516” (no spaces or quotation marks). If you’re posting on SoundCloud in particular, this is essential to subsequent location of tracks for the creation of a project playlist.

Step 3: Upload your tracks. It is helpful but not essential that you use SoundCloud to host your tracks.

Step 4: Post your track in the following discussion thread at llllllll.co:


Step 5: Annotate your track with a brief explanation of your approach and process.

Step 6: If posting on social media, please consider using the hashtag #DisquietJunto so fellow participants are more likely to locate your communication.

Step 7: Then listen to and comment on tracks uploaded by your fellow Disquiet Junto participants.

Note: Please post one track for this weekly Junto project. If you choose to post more than one, and do so on SoundCloud, please let me know which you’d like added to the playlist. Thanks.

Additional Details:

Deadline: This project’s deadline is the end of the day Monday, November 22, 2021, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are. It was posted on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Length: The length of your finished track is up to you. Around one or two minutes is best.

Title/Tag: When posting your tracks, please include “disquiet0516” in the title of the tracks, and where applicable (on SoundCloud, for example) as a tag.

Upload: When participating in this project, be sure to include a description of your process in planning, composing, and recording it. This description is an essential element of the communicative process inherent in the Disquiet Junto. Photos, video, and lists of equipment are always appreciated.

Download: It is always best to set your track as downloadable and allowing for attributed remixing (i.e., a Creative Commons license permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution, allowing for derivatives).

For context, when posting the track online, please be sure to include this following information:

More on this 516th weekly Disquiet Junto project – Outside In (Co/Exist 1 of 3) (The Assignment: Record a minute or two of nature) – at: https://disquiet.com/0516/

This is the first of a three-part project sequence. You can participate in all three parts, or any two of the three, or even just any one of them. Part one began on November 18, part two will begin on November 25, and part three will begin on December 2. Thanks to Alan Bland and Mark Lentczner for having proposed the project.

More on the Disquiet Junto at: https://disquiet.com/junto/

Subscribe to project announcements here: https://tinyletter.com/disquiet-junto/

Project discussion takes place on llllllll.co: https://llllllll.co/t/disquiet-junto-project-0516-outside-in-co-exist-1-of-3/

There’s also a Disquiet Junto Slack. Send your email address to marc@disquiet.com for Slack inclusion.


And the project is now live.

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One minute of cicadas at Griffith’s Scenic Hill.

They’re the soundtrack to summer in the Riverina.

I’ve uploaded the video here, if anyone wants to use it for the Junto.


Geese are all right if you like saxophones.


Hey All, I had original done a recording of the wind but my faithful companion,Ginger, started asking for some affection. She doesn’t really bark but kinda tries to speak to me so I went with that instead. I definitely think animals are part of nature. Hope all are well.

Peace, Hugh


I really don’t like the outdoors. It’s always too hot and sunny. I do like snowy days and rainy days, though. Whenever I try to record outdoor sounds, they always sound bad, so I used two field recordings by others (credited below). I don’t know why I added a helicopter. I think it gives it an Apocalypse Now vibe, even though the storm was recorded in Thailand. But the cover of Combat Rock was shot in Thailand, so I guess I’m being no less authentic than the Clash.



This is a recording made back in 2019. I was out in the fields, recording, when I was surprised by a light rain and took refuge under an oak tree. The birds kept me company until it stopped raining.


I considered a more adventurous approach here but thought I might end up not having the time for it. Instead, I walked over to the creek near my house and took a recording with my handheld recorder for about 5 minutes.

I used the zoom h5 and recorded with the XY capsule (off my zoom H6) set in its narrower configuration and a pair of Rode M5 pencil mics set in a wider configuration (on the stereo bar I use then with). There was a fair amount of road and other noise as I did this at around 6pm, so I ran both stereo channels through my mixer (panned narrower and wider) and did some EQ to try and focus on the natural sounds a little more. Finally I trimmed it down to around 2 minutes, picking the cleanest/most naturey section.

Nothing particularly noteworthy about the process, or outcome, but I look forward to seeing what the next step in the project is.


I tried recording near home and the background noise was just ridiculous. My fallback is from a series of recordings I made in June on Chiquita Lake in Northern California that I had not yet utilized. Recorded on a small dock late at night with an iPhone running Apogee Meta Recorder. The microphone was a stereo Zoom iQ6 with a foam windscreen. The only buffer against the considerable dock rumble was a sweatshirt and the rubber phone case. The only post processing was running Adobe Audition’s Adaptive Noise Reduction and trimming the file to remove the sounds I made starting and ending the recording.


I checked my field recordings: I had some nice rain under an umbrella, some frogs and wells and so on … I dismissed all, because I thought in parts 2 and 3 of 3 there might be a need for different sounds. So this is a recording of an electromagnetic landscape with Soma Ether (some crocodile clips to add antenna power), recorded with a Zoom H1n. It’s been taken in the countryside, so it might be defined as “nature”.


Here’s some garden birds at first light in my garden. Recorded with a Zoom H6 and X/Y mic capsule.


Hello friends, it’s been a minute and I’ve missed you. Here’s a brief snippet of a happy moment when I was recently in the field and was surprised by a small flock of migrating Canada geese:


The playlist is now rolling:


Recording of Testudo hermanni (greek turtles) walking and eating tried salad. They will go in hibernation very soon, so I won’t be able to make any recordings until they wake up again (after 3 to 4 months).


A field recording of a stream and waterfall at two different points to be used in future projects. Used a Tascam DR-40X Four-Track with a cheap (probably too cheap) “dead cat” windsock. Minimally processed with Adobe Audition to remove some clipping events, EQ’d the first part to cut wind noise (low frequencies).


6 o’clock, early wake-up with raging crows… Recording made from my window with a Zoom H4N Pro. Free to download and use!

Zuunzug Field Recording · Crows [disquiet0516]

There’s a tree house in my backyard, through the floor of which pass two massive Douglas Fir trees—outside in, indeed! When the wind blows, the construction sings. This excerpt is a loop I made from a longer recording; I stood on the ground and was thankful for the dead mouse on my recorder.

And I do like a trilogy. Thanks, Marc.


This week’s project was an easy one for me. I love taking some time in the morning to walk a bit in nature when I can, so today I just brought my recorder with me. This was my favorite recording from the session; a stiff autumn breeze kicked up the water just enough to generate interest, but not so much that it overwhelmed the H5’s (somewhat finicky) stock mics.


Hi folks! It’s been such a hectic year, that I’ve scarcely had much time for anything, so it’s nice that things are settling a little and I can dedicate a bit more time to stuff I enjoy.

Since the initial prompt for this week is pretty straightforward, it was a good incentive to get back on the Junto.


Recorded with a Zoom H3-VR, rendered to binaural stereo.

The recording site was a lower track adjacent to Carrickalinga Creek at Middle Farm, Yankalilla. I’m not entirely certain of the prominent birdsong heard throughout, though I believe it may be a variety of scrubwren native to the area.


Recorded from up high on a staircase leading down to the pebble beach at Møns Klint.

I highpassed the recording at 30Hz, added a smidge of compression and some tape saturation to enhance dimensions.