Disquiet Junto Project 0516: Outside In (Co/Exist 1 of 3)

a trickle - not big enough to even be a crick - in a mountain foothill to the Blue Ridge


Hello. The playlist has been updated (Saturday morning, California time). And here’s something I wanted to highlight from the original instructions: Note that the three-part sequence will eventually draw from this project’s results, so it’s helpful if you set your track for download so that other musicians can make use of it down the road.



Hey All, I made a track using Noodle Twister, Krackenkraft and accoustic mirror’s tracks. Jusy posting if anyone wanted to check it out.

Peace, Hugh


Pleased to ‘meet’ you all, first submission here. This morning started a storm and I just recorded this. No edits, no EQ, no nothing. Just RAW.


I present to you various sounds of Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese I recorded in November 2018 at the Sandhill Crane Festival in Bosque del Apache, New Mexico. Coincidentally, the annual festival is occuring right now, although it’s an online event this year. I used a Tascam DR-05 to make the stereo recordings, and assembled them into the final recording with Audacity.

0:00-0:19 A few sandhill cranes chattering, with some snow geese honking in the background
0:19-0:56 Incoming flock of thousands of snow geese, reaching a frenzied crescendo
0:56-1:38 Sandhill cranes and snow geese lounging together, chattering and honking
1:38-2:03 Hundreds of snow geese speaking loudly, along with some sandhill cranes

Photo is mine from one morning during the festival.


Hi. And welcome, @d_ruidadora. I’m a moderator here, so I was able to look at (and fix) the code in your post. Each of those three attempts had a minor issue with the code. The best way to post is to use the full HTML with no “campaign” add-ons to the URL. This is the optimal format. I’m using the “code” (aka </>) format in this post so it doesn’t expand into the embedded player:


The first of your attempts was an https://m.soundcloud (mobile) link, with a bunch of campaign stuff added onto the link at the end. The second had none of the add-ons, but was also a https://m.soundcloud link. The third was some sort of shortcut. Anyhow, the above format is the one that works.

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Thanks so much, Mark. I really appreciate it. I’m just on mobile this week. For the Next one I’ll have all my gear.

So, I’ve been trying and I see I just have to remove the m. from the url.

Sorry that’s an mp3. It Will happen no more!


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Hmm… Not at all easy to do nature recordings in the city, I found. Not so much because there is no ‘nature’, but because the constant rumble of distant trains, planes and automobiles (even at 8:30 AM on a Sunday) makes it hard to capture sounds so that they stand out from the noise.

In the end I decided to attach two small (Clippy) microphones to reed stalks in a tiny wetland nature reserve inside the Amsterdam Westerpark to record a gust of wind “from the reed’s perspecive”.

I wanted to keep post processing to a bare minimum (fade-in, fade-out), since if others are going to use the recording, it’s probably better if they tailor processing to their specific needs. But in the end I did do a 6dB cut of the low end, since I found it significantly improved the listenability of the thing on its own.

Very curious about everyone’s recordings (haven’t had a chance to listen, but will certainly do so), as well as about parts 2 and 3 of this challenge.


I did a field recording in Yorkhill Park in Glasgow, which gives the sound of nature in the city as the most prominent sound is traffic from the Clydeside Expressway :slight_smile:


Was hoping to get out to record but its been one of those weekends so was looking through my recordings and remembered this, which is one of my favourites.

I did a field recording workshop with Jez riley French in 2019 at Walthamstow Wetlands Centre in east London. Amongst other things it has a series of reservoirs with platforms for fishing. I sat on one with some clippy mics attached to a coat hanger and a swan came in to land honking away from my right to left which results in a nice panning across the mics.

I did a little EQ’ing to get rid of some of the noise from my H4N.


A horse is nature… So are humans. Recorded with phone.


Hello, here is my contribution:

since I also have many many field recordings, I spent some time inside my hard drives to find an appropriate one. I always try to adhere to the rules but always have some questions and thoughts. Outside could be just outside but those often include man-made noises such as cars etc, or outside could be outside civilization. The instructions say nature, which would include animals and humans, but also my heartbeat would be nature, then again that one is very inside. And also just some ducks recordings from the lake (I have several of these) don’t really transport “being outside”. So in the search of something interesting that is clearly outside and nature, have this thunderstorm. (that was however recorded from the inside obviously, very close to civilization, as in out of my window in the backyard). can’t do it right.


First time joining a Junto, very excited!

Just birds in the backyard in South Hamilton, MA, USA, on a July morning in 2020, captured on an old Zoom H2, clipped and normalized in Amadeus Pro.


A field recording (6-7-2013)
Saint Nazaire le Désert - Drôme - France
Google map
Insect, Bird, Voice…
Recorder: Tascam DR-100MKII + built-in mics Uni.


An audio recording taken on August 31 after a late college class. The sound was so surreal that I had to capture it on my phone. Unfortunately, the phone picked up the sounds of people unlocking their automobiles, bringing to light the sad reality that the industrial exploits of humans are nearly unescapable.

Rather than taint the recording with locomotives, I decided to scrap everything from 23 seconds onwards and replaced it with a reversed recording of the first 23 seconds. At the 23 second mark, the listener can hear a glitchy zap, indicating the cutoff point of the two recordings.


This has been a blast. Thank you Alan and Mark.
We got up yesterday morning at 4.30am (I know) and went and sat in the bush before the dawn chorus. Magic. We sat next a little waterfall. I even enrolled my wife in the madness. My recording sadly was not so hot as I put the recorder too close to the stream and it literally drowned out the dawn chorus so you will have to believe me when I say it was majestic and humbling.
Take 2.
I enrolled my animals instead.
Donkeys at the head with a greeting and then some mike sniffing.
The 22 year old cat Macy is up next. Yes she’s older than some of you I bet.
Then some dawn chorus from this morning. Yes we got up again.
Raw unmixed sound.
Ngā mihi,


Every morning, in the darkened hours between 2am and 5am they begin their chorus, echoing through the upper reaches of the Waikiki Ahupua‘a on O‘ahu. As their frenzied calls reach their peak the wind comes down over the ridge blowing out to sea. I give you: the 2am Roosters of Mānoa, a binaural-ish recording in which I hope you can hear the neighborhood where I live now.

The clicks and clatterings are plumeria leaves falling to the street. I had the gain a little too cranked, feel free to turn down.


I happened to be out of town on a fly-fishing trip when the brief for this Junto arrived - what luck! The field recording was made on my iPhone and is representative of the sounds of the South-East Australian bushland. The accompanying photo is the recording location (37.42475S, 145.70657E)


Gosh, I love the global nature of this project, feeling like you’ve been somewhere—particularly these days—simply via a freshly captured aural perspective.

@acoustic_mirror so nourishing
@d_ruidadora convincingly cold and wet, even on mobile
@mikey_a mayhem


First time doing a field recording like this! Went to Redondo Beach (in California) at night and recorded the sound of the waves near the shore. Used a Tascam DR-05x with a 40Hz low-cut. No other processing is used.