Disquiet Junto Project 0516: Outside In (Co/Exist 1 of 3)

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That easy, huh. Thank you. Here I was struggling with SC’s embed code.


This was taken from a 7 minute field recording session today. It was recorded with an H4n Pro with wind screen. It included some chickens, work vehicles, birds, wind, trees rustling, and some church bells. I used the last minute and a half.




I’d originally hoped to record some of the bats that live in the woods near our house, but wasn’t able to sort out a bat detector in time.

London isn’t always the most natural sounding place, and it’s hard to avoid the sounds of people, fireworks (always! why?), planes, and revving engines. I managed to record the waves crashing onto the foreshore without too much extraneous human sound:


despite walking a personal best distance on saturday (70km) the furthest i could get away from the hum of traffic was a temple in nishiarai. got a recording of humans, in the hope that we are still a part of nature…


Recorded in my garden on the morning of 22 November.

Birds and roar of nearby morning traffic. Nature as a hyperobject means neither is more ‘natural’ than the other - it’s a sticky continuum.

Looking forward to the next two instalments of this three parter!


Some everyday nature sounds in my backyard: wind, I-5 traffic, neighborhood delivery trucks, and planes flying overhead. Lots of modulated noise. Perhaps will be interesting to work with later. Maybe not!


This recording has more Hand Of Man than nature, but I couldn’t resist - it’s not often I catch a pack of howling coyotes on virtual tape! The cricket by my back deck seems determinedly unfazed by it all: jets, coyotes, wind, and train. The windchimes herald in the building breeze of the coming storm, surprisingly in tune with the train’s engine.


I think all the SoundCloud tracks are now in the playlist. If yours is missing, lemme know (marc@disquiet.com). And be sure to make your track downloadable, since the third project in this three-project sequence will involve re-using other people’s tracks.