Disquiet Junto Project 0518: Out and In (Co/Exist 3 of 3)

Placeholder until the project goes live. Instructions go out, as always, via tinyletter.com/disquiet-junto.

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Had to make the track today.


  • 337is (three three seven is) Canada geese (I don’t like them…)
  • Krankenkraft Electromagnetic Record (annoying…)
  • Bick Brannigan333 - Ginger (shut up…)


  • caustic_gates ‘go barry’ (okay)
  • psycolapso voice [Voice And Communication]* (interesting)
  • Campos - Civilization - An Outside Perspective (klang…)

And a bass drum.
Straight forward, but cheating with bass drum sound, sorry.
Made loops in Audacity. Arranged in FL-studio.


I combined undermulden’s Coast at Møns Klint (disquiet0516) and Krakenkraft’s Outside In: A Washing Machine [disquiet0517]. Both feature water.

undermulden’s track was left alone and mixed down a bit. Krakenkraft’s track was duplicated several times, rearranged for a more consistent rhythm, and made a bit louder. The washing machine “arrangement” gets louder as the track progresses, particularly at the 27 second mark.


oh c’mon, if adding a personal sound to the previous parts is cheating I’ll better stop what I was working on! I was being much more intrusive than your groovy bass drum.
Excellent track BTW.


This one turned out a bit of an odd brew. I had a great time making it, though, as well as listening to everyone’s recordings for 516 and 517. It’ll be interesting to see what people come up with for this one (and to see if I can spot what recordings the’ve used). Great assignment: thanks @morgulbee and @mzero and thanks to all who participated!

I really, really loved the sound of the cranes recorded by @morgulbee for 516: https://llllllll.co/t/disquiet-junto-project-0516-outside-in-co-exist-1-of-3/50459/26?u=alvarodecampos

So that was my point of departure. Combining these chattering birds with chattering humans seemed an obvious direction to explore, which led me to the recording of students in a college atrium made by @lazenbeeindustries for 517: Disquiet Junto Project 0517: Inside Out (Co/Exist 2 of 3) - #12 by lazenbeeindustries

Playing around with these recordings and some effects, I thought it might be nice if the track started off as what seemed like a ‘normal’ field recording, and then for things to progressively get more weird… but only gradually, almost imperceptibly. Are there birds in this atrium? Are the students and birds talking to each other? Are they chanting? Can we imagine expending the boundaries of ‘civilization’ to include Sandhill Cranes?

Anyway, that was the idea.

Couldn’t help myself (instructions to use only one recording of each previous assignment notwithstanding) and added some bits of the (delightfully odd and creepy) vocal samples of @d_ruidadora: https://llllllll.co/t/disquiet-junto-project-0517-inside-out-co-exist-2-of-3/50664/52?u=alvarodecampos


Not at all! Adding other sounds to the nature and civilization recordings is one of the possibilities I had in mind when first proposing this to Marc. This is a fun track.


First I selected the samples. I like “river” sounds, so I took one by random. “Printer” seemed fitting, because both end with “er”. Both without listening.

River Sample by -infDB. / nsinnenberg
Printer Sample by SinnySounds. / Thhhh

I wanted to have as much action as possible with them and used the plain samples (mostly filtered, because I didn’t like the noise in the recordings), simple samplers (polygon 2) and granular samplers (spacecraft, grain scanner). No other sound sources but the samples.


Audiovisual processing, composition, and Field Recoding by Leslie Rollins (337is).
Obscure & Relevant 2021, (CC BY-NC 3.0 US): [creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/us/]

Source audiovisual material gathered from SoundCloud posts:

[disquiet0516] outside in #1
Courtesy of @howthenightcame

Radio Info (disquiet0517)
Courtesy of @Glitcher


I ran @eblomquist “Birds Disquiet0516” through Kilohearts’ Convolver plugin, using @krakenkraft “Outside In: A Washing Machine [disquiet0517]” as the impulse response.

The Kilohearts Wet/Dry ratio was automated to slowly increase over time.

Using such a long impulse response was fun, because it gave me a huge tail reverb which I could gently fade out.

Soundtoys’ Decapitator was also set to drive harder as the track progressed.

Something in the original recordings was throwing out a droning a#3 note, and I couldn’t resist setting up a return track to push some of that resonance through Lancaster Audio’s ODR-1 Overdrive Plugin >> Eventide Quadrovox (+12st) >> Auto Pan (Random). I was happily surprised when something like the sound of buzzing insects emerged out of the gloom around 2m30s. I’ve had Wire’s hilarious “I Am The Fly” on heavy rotation recently, so this was very fitting.

Thank you @disquiet and everyone who participated. This was a wonderful project, and has left me with the somewhat surreal image of Ed’s birds singing Wire’s “I Am The Fly” inside Krakenkraft’s washing machine. Then again, why not?

Looking forward to hearing this week’s playlist!!

Best wishes, Martin


Hi all :slight_smile: I used @GerardParesys steam train recording and @ray_cobley Stony shore. I initially just put the two tracks in the DAW to listen together. Next these were both sent into ‘Things Rotor’ to flip flop the audio add vibrato, tremolo as needed. Then I made a copy of each for going into FX. Stony shore into unfiltered audios Silo and Train into UA’s Spec-ops.
Attempted to jam along with a modular patch and keystep but this ended up being more atonal.
Morphing terrarium, Lich (verb) and Music thing’s Drive are making the sound. With help from LFO’s, Dirty glitch VCO and Aperture low pass gate.
I did create a brighter, beat driven, fun version which is on my soundcloud under a similar title.


Thank you, Martin!

What a lovely piece!

I am delighted that we are finally collaborating!

I would love to reciprocate but at the moment I’m in bed with a temperature approaching 101 after getting my booster shot last night. Ugh…

All the best,




I used

I chose these with a random number generator, but I was pleased with the selections. To each of the two tracks, I added some audio processing to make it sound a bit more otherworldly:

  • Roosters Of Mānoa R1: Grain Delay: Minor Third Up
  • Outside In: A Washing Machine: Beat Repeat: Deconstruct

Finally, I doubled each part and reversed the clips of the doubled parts.

This made it sound to me like a spooky jungle soundscape. (I think the roosters sound more like screeching monkeys.). I decided to add some minimal conga drum, organ, and guitar to add a little musical order. I kind of wanted it to sound like the intro of “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones and like a dub track.


The playlist is now rolling:


Yay! I’m honored that “Printer Party” was used! It sounds wonderful with the river sample and additional audio processing (I also use Spacecraft from time to time). Excellent work!


Felt like cheating… :slightly_smiling_face: My intention was to use only provided samples. But then the production felt - thin. A bass drum added some low end and stability.



Clips from my two previous field recordings cut together to emphasis the comparison of kookaburras and fire engines and the similarities between children and twittering birds with the underlying drone of an air compressor and babbling stream.


Seriously Fun @bassling
I enjoyed it a lot
Thanks for creating!