Disquiet Junto Project 0522: Just Backdated

Last year, I tried sequencing really small snippets of renderings of former “juntos”. This year, to try something different, I found one for each month of 2021, dived into the “daw” sourcecode, and tried to pick up some of what I still thought as interesting parts and just sequence them. It might not “stand alone” as a coherent piece - but, if nothing else, it gives me a quick nostalgic sum-up of some of the nice evenings I’ve had with the “disquiet junto”…


Happy New Year all, hope you had a good one.

I hijacked the last few seconds from the tracks (52) I made last year as 33per on Soundcloud.
Edited them in Logic in more or less chronological order. Added some PanCake and Mello-fi to make it feel a bit more like an old mix tape I would have made when cassettes were the thing.
What have I learnt this last year? Community is good for me, thank you, just turn up, the muse will be waiting.


Thank you Marc @disquiet for organizing this community and creating these inspiring projects. And many thanks to all the participants for their support and for sharing their creativity.
This was my first year in the Junto and I am really grateful to be part of it. The projects turned into my main musical activity.

I selected the tracks per month, upon their personal or musical importance. Some choices were easy, in some months there were several close contenders. Seven out of these twelve tracks are from my 37 Disquiet contributions.
I took 10s snippets (not 5s as suggested) and used a 60 ms overlay as crossfade.

From the Disquiet musical point of view I want to mention:
Snippet 2 Le Brouillard Du Désespoir (disquiet0476) My first Disquiet contribution!
Snippet 4: Strange Weather (disquiet0485) Disquiet lead me to the unlimited possibilities using samples
Snippet 7: The Devils Harp of Glass (disquiet0497) Thank’s to the project I ventured far out of my musical comfort zone and continued to do so in some of the following projects.
Snippet 8: Wilde Rosmarie (disquiet0504) A great inspiration and my most successful track so far (275 plays :smiley:)

The complete list can be found on SoundCloud.

I wish you all a Happy New Year


12x5 Seconds.
I added around 20 tracks (out of a lot, thanks to some circulating self-replicating DNA) in Reaper, selecting by what I remembered by the tracks name to be good. I cut all down to 5 secs, without listening, just anywhere inside the track, mostly areas with visually more waveform action. I killed all but 12, selecting by what made this minute sound more representative in my ears.

I think it has a bias on tracks with beats, but this felt somehow right for fragments of 5 seconds. The image btw shows my workplace in November 21, normally not that messy, but I soldered some diy modules at that time.

01 Crime Scene
02 Aithra
03 Mamihlapinatapai
04 depritron
05 Whois
06 bright depth
07 Zeither
08 Along The River Of Lethe
09 The Quark Star Caves
10 Cool im Pool
11 Anatolios
12 Quantum Foam (unpublished)

Yet again, the disquiet junto, it’s members and it’s music had been an enrichment of my life in 2021, so thanks to all! :wink:


I’m always glad of this prompt, this project; glad to be obliged to put a kind of full stop on some things, take some kind of stock, sift, ever-so-slightly nostalgically through my digital rubble…


E:\Sounds\Jmmy Kppl\2021
30.0 GB (32,278,394,211 bytes)

that’s not really even close to everything i fiddled with, & definitely not anything like everything i recorded; my filing system gets more chaotic as i delude myself into new projects etc.


so yeah, as ever, i scrolled through this stuff, this list, checked a few memory cards & sticks lying about. Choices are usually based on whether i can even vaugely remember what the file is, coupled with any immediate delight or attraction to the file name.



JAN :: “carillion loop” ‎03 ‎January ‎2021, ‏‎11:16:22
FEB :: “snow_01” 12 ‎February ‎2021, ‏‎08:56:39
MAR :: “rehillsfridges” 18 ‎March ‎2021, ‏‎21:46:57
APR :: “110421b” 11 ‎April ‎2021, ‏‎21:45:25
MAY :: “bats 090521” 09 ‎May ‎2021, ‏‎22:02:23
JUN :: “fghrnpces” 07 ‎June ‎2021, ‏‎08:35:18
JUL :: “ZOOM0025” ‎30 ‎July ‎2021, ‏‎11:15:48
AUG :: “ZOOM0033” ‎06 ‎August ‎2021, ‏‎13:07:36
SEP :: “xx_53 --11” 10 ‎September ‎2021, ‏‎05:45:38
OCT :: “who even+” 22 ‎October ‎2021, ‏‎14:04:32
NOV :: “end of xmas eve” ‎08 ‎November ‎2021, ‏‎14:16:57
DEC :: “ZOOM0068” 30 ‎December ‎2021, ‏‎17:13:24


Take care in the two two everybody; ice cubes in a glass in four days, yeah?




Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s mine:



well one thing I did manage to do this year was field recordings.

approximately 5 seconds for each month of 2021, all field recordings, more or less chronological but not quite. this year took a minute but also all the time.

caernarfon castle
canyon wrens
mt st helens: sonic (wet) deadwood
central park buskers
cotton mill fabrication room
me on flute (poulenc, flute sonata)
disused industrial pipe
me sitting in a room
the times square hum (max neuhaus)
long-tailed grackles, laughing
dueling woodchippers
portlandia buskers + jesus

you know: onward.


A look back on my music in 2021. It’s been a strange year.




Five seconds of sound grabbed more or less at random from a track found either in the Tape folder of my Norns Shield or the Reaper renders folder, one per month in chronological order as created in 2021. Some of the pieces were finished; others are not.

Happy new ears, everyone!


Eleven snippets of songs I created and shared this year. Number twelve disappeared somehow. The lost month. Nine of these were created for Disquiet Juntos. The remaining three are releases from two of my projects: Creatures Once, and Cyber Forest.

This was my first year actively participating in the Disquiet Junto, and it’s been amazing. Projects like this keep us creators creating, and therefore living. Thank you so much Marc for organizing this and thank you to all members. You are all truly inspiring. Let’s keep creating in 2022!

P.S. I’ll be creating a song a week this year over at WeeklyBeats.com. It’s a project to create and share one song every week. It’s a great community kind of like this one, creating an eclectic mix of sounds and giving feedback and support. I would love to see you over there too!


This is not a definitive statement of my 2021; my recordings cover only a fraction of the year and the lesser part of my listening–no recorded music! That said, a distinct POV seems to seep through: a west-coast life rich with loving family and friends. A life lived during pandemic and civic unrest. The arc of the year: vaccination…even travel! A college tour of NYC with my daughter. And a dark, quiet fall, the year ending in delicious snow.

0:00 - environs of my friend’s new house in Hawaii
0:06 - TV broadcasts from Washington D.C. on January 6
0:40 - my daughter’s laughter
0:43 - boiling maple syrup to make maple candy
0:48 - dad-daughter Seahawks time
0:52 - roofers in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood
1:03 - a train screaming by the Tacoma waterfront where my family and I were walking
1:15 - snow crystals hitting my daughter’s jacket during late winter snow
1:26 - woodpeckers at the walls!
1:31 - summer means Porchfest: different streets, different bands. This is Tissue.
1:43 - different daughters, different instruments
1:51 - sighting humpback whales from the secret beach in Tacoma
2:06 - the annual Pride celebration in Davis, CA [local reggae band]
2:17 - 4th of July with family in Maine
2:37 - surf at night, back shore, Chamberlain
2:50 - singing sisters
2:58 - fun with cousins, aunties, and grandmas
3:16 - setting out with neice and daughter for the sun rise (night, lobster boats)
3:23 - dinner outdoors in NYC at Brooklyn Vegan Kitchen
3:29 - with teammates in Oregon for the Hood to Coast relay race
3:35 - Portland, Oregon mid-race
3:59 - a greeting from my sweetheart over:
4:03 - a creek at Meadowdale Beach Park, our winter wonderland on New Year’s Eve

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