Disquiet Junto Project 0544: Feedback Loop (Revisions)

This is a new thread, not for a weekly Junto project, but for anyone who wants to post an updated version of their track from Project 0544 that responds to feedback they received. Thanks to the always awesome @bassling for having proposed it.


Love it. I was thinking of posting my track again after I’d sorted out all the feedback.


I’ve gone back and reworked my track based on the following suggestions:

@apanmusic wrote:

“Really enjoyed the sounds at the very end. Perhaps that could be the basis of a mellow mid section?”

@RPLKTR wrote:

“At 2:20 you’re fiddling with the drums and from then on the most interesting things happen in the track. This could start sooner, and then a comeback to the initial structure for a finale would make this track a winner. Now it disintegrates which isn’t entirely satisfying.”

@tetkik.ve.tedavi wrote:

"The pad in the first half bothers me a bit for some reason (I think I intuitively want something smoother in its place.

@fakeg3nius wrote:

“I would introduce some variation on the drum/percussion.”

In response I’ve changed the mix a bit and:

  • put Beatrepeat on the drums;
  • brought forward the second pad;
  • started the arpeggiated synth from around 2.20, when it went into triplets, and;
  • repeated the chorus part from earlier as a finale.

Hi, it seems you changed the synth pad sound a bit? I like it more now anyway, sounds warmer and smoother. I liked more the drum beat start on the previous version tho, I think it was cleaner. The variations you introduce here and that are full galore by the 2:00 are too much too soon for me, I prefer the slow burning build of the original track (but it seems somebody suggested otherwise)
overall, there’re more interesting things now but the previous one was smooth and floating I loved that.
Perhaps the track could be even longer, providing the trance part and the more wild variations of the later?
Good job anyway, very interesting listen (I dig the idea of this w.i.p. thread)


Thanks @DeDe!

There was a second pad that started later in the track, so I brought that forward.

I found it interesting to explore the ideas being proposed, but I’d guess it does feel a bit like working to a focus group.

The main thing I’ve taken from this project is the role of structure.

If I’d thought about that more when I recorded the piece, then I could say it was a decision!


Hi, I was planning to share this new version on this thread (a rework of my 0544 track after considering people’s feedback) but I think it’s the best I can do to offer an example of “what do I do with feedback” , so I’m posting this one on the 0545 thread if you don’t mind …

Appreciated and used wonderful feedback from
@ffsanton and @lazenbeeindustries @Hugh_G_Twatt (not completely delete and rework from the ground, consider it as a pretty finished thing)

@gis_sweden (I introduced some variation in the new 8 bar sections, dropping tracks completely sometimes for more clarity )

@krakenkraft (I tried to make a less confusing mix, something that bothered me from the original, albeit keeping the generous amount of melodic-rhythmic stuff)

@RPLKTR and @fakeg3nius (tweaked some timing between bass and arp, added 36 extra seconds) and also @Glitcher asked for focus on the bass and kick that I edited and remixed drastically

and most notably @howthenightcame who provided the idea of some Krautrock drums, something @blisterpop also suggested.

FYI original still here


Added some darkness to last weeks track ‘No hook ?’
Thanks to feedback from @howthenightcame and @RPLKTR


@disquiet I messed up by mistakenly tagging this 0545 as well as my actual 0545 entry. Apologies for this :frowning:


Alright, thank you both @DeDe and @RabMusicLab for your suggestions and thoughts. I’ve made a (still somewhat rough) revision. The longer pause at the beginning works out quite nicely, I think, but the second part needs additional work, for sure.


I like it, I did like the first version too, I should A/B to tell , but it is a good one.

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