Disquiet Junto Project 0562: Sheep Music

I took the opportunity to utilize the Moodscaper app developed by Rob Jackson. The app creates atmospheric synth soundscapes that utilizes generative elements that layers in additional auto-accompaniment. A noise gate was applied to remove some of the higher frequencies and room noise. The song itself is rather quiet, so you could even fall asleep to this at SoundCloud’s loudest possible volume.


Little bit late to the party here, didn’t really have time to polish this, but you’ll get the idea. More than a bit rough around the edges, had planned to wrap it up after seeing Dinosaur Jr last night, but … well, that didn’t happen.

For me, much like counting sheep, I think sleep music should be hypnotic, repetitive and with enough detail to take your mind off other things, while at the same time not speaking so clearly as to engage the conscious mind.

>Here’s< my effort.

Technically nothing too exciting. A combination of long and short LFOs modulating each other and various parameters to massage brain patterns. I took a short diatonic loop into vcv rack and deconstructed it a bit using Bernoulli gates and transposition via a couple of LFOs affecting each other also going to velocity on the outs into Bitwig, same pattern going to UAD Ravel in reverse mode and Korg OP Six plugin, various reverbs and delays, primary texture is the UAD BX 20. Track is about 5 minutes long but designed to be looped for as long as necessary.


I made a nice warm pad with some rainy sample sounds in the background, which is perfect for me to relax and fall asleep.


I have been having trouble sleeping the past couple years (who would have thought?) and I’ve been honing my Scapes and playlists over that time. This is a recording of my current favorite sleep playlist; it lasts long enough that even if I’m really tense, it usually calms me down enough that I’m asleep before it ends.

The scapes are all based on the blue-and-purple base, which has a nice, subtle delay effect. (The red-and-green base does as well, but its delay is much more in your face). I used mostly the yellow fork-shapes, a few of the gently-enveloped pyramids, one of the triangle flares, and miscellaneous overlay/drone backdrops. The play length is set to its maximum, and the transition time is also at its maximum. Harmonic complexity is tweaked down slightly, and surprise is tweaked up a bit.

The overall idea was to have something that moved as smoothly as possible through the playlist without too many transitional hitches, as Scape will sometimes pause most of the sounds when transitioning the backdrops, and an overall up-and-down in the complexity of the piece as a whole.

I finally achieved a good recording with Monterey’s AirPlay Receiver and Audio Hijack. I set up my Mac as a receiver, turned on AirPlay in Scape, and connected to the Mac. I was then able to capture the AirPlay stream directly into Audio Hijack, then export to Audacity for normalization and preparation for upload.


Hi Marc / @disquiet, would you be so kind to add my entry to the playlist, too? Thank you so much!

Sure thing! Just did. It didn’t show up in the search return because it missed the “0” in the “0563” tag.

Thank you very much, Marc. and I’ll add the 0 next time - my bad.

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Hi Marc, looks like my entry wasn’t added as well. Could be because I used the wrong project number when I first uploaded and changed it a day later. Sorry about that.

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seems like mine didn’t get added either. i think everything was right in the tags, and the last few projects i’ve done have got added to the playlists ok. i’m sure it’s just a little mistake.

onto the next, soon, anyhow.

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Hi, @he_nu_ri + @Aethyr — yours have now been added. Every once in a while things I add to the playlist don’t end up there for some reason I’ve yet to sort out. The process is so simple, and yet sometimes I click the playlist button for the track and see it change color, and then nonetheless the next day it’s as if it hadn’t been added. (And thanks, @Anatol!)

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I felt this week’s prompt could really have helped me creating something new, which I haven’t done in a while, but other commitments took up my time the weekend this assignment would have to be done. So unfortunately I did not have a track to submit, but I do today have the time to listen to what has been created and I really enjoyed the things everyone came up with.
In particular:

DeDe - what a lovely scary track. It’s very rich with echo and reverb, but used in a musical way. Sometimes space is all you need in a track! Nice!

Anatol - somewhat jealous of how fast you say you fall asleep, whilst I need very soft music playing throughout the night… You’ve made a track that is sweet sleepy music!

Aethyr - not only do I like the result of your ‘recording’ sleep music, I also love how you write down your process, considerations, reflecting on your choise(s).

mdh - despite your own reservations about the higher tones and sparkly bells I think you have created a nice track that is good for falling asleep, as well as having a good listening to with my headphones on. Like!

fakeg3nius - Bob Ross indeed, not only him brushing and scraping the canvas, but also his voice and manner of speaking… Perhaps it’s because of some dissonant tones that I do not feel it to be sleep music? But hey, a nice track non the less!

he_nu_ri - experimenting with a genre that might be familiar but you have no experience with is always a good way to come up with something unexpected I think. I believe you did anyways… Thumbs up!

Aaah - I really like your ‘end product’, but I totally get how you go from one version of a track to something completely different just adding and subtracting stuff. One may wonder off from the initial prompt, but that is also what creativity can be about, so no worries! Lovely, dark track.

Peco - given an unlimited amount one could endlessly try to add things or chord changes to your composition to make it ‘less boring’, but I feel you have successfully played around with sounds and textures to get to a good balance of soft sleepy music and also keeping interest.