Disquiet Junto Project 0577: Make That Money Shaker

Made with samples of almonds shaken in a mason jar (a snack I always have kicking around). Also used a couple of synths (one modular, one VST). Things keep going in the breakbeat / drum and bass kind of direction lately…going with it!



As a drummer, I loved this prompt. When I started thinking about improvising a shaker, I kept coming back to the idea of making something that I would keep and actually be able to use in the future. I had always wanted one of those shakers that are just a cluster of shells tied together. I found that you can buy those types of shells online, but I was not sure where to get them on short notice. So, I figured wood beads would work and took a trip to the craft store. I tried not to spend too much time making the shaker and to make sure I prioritized actually making music with it. I could have spent more time on both efforts, but I am still happy with the results. For recording, I played the shaker into my snare microphone with different patterns and then laid it down on my snare and played my drums over that. The resulting recording was not that interesting at first, but I added effects and chopped up my drums to come up with this track.