Disquiet Junto Project 0578: Rabbit Spirit Ally

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Lucky enough to be in Kuala Lumpur to have recorded some of the Lunar New Year ceremonies. It has been going on for weeks. Uploading this on the road, so no editing…just straight out of the device which happened to be a POCO mobile phone. Look forward to hearing what everyone creates. Cheers. bb_r.


Since the rabbit is the heraldic animal of RabMusicLab I had to participate…

This project made much fun since I set out without any idea and the composition evolved on the way…
I started by looking for rabbit-sounds on freesounds. I found a recording of a rabbit drinking. It had a nice rhythm, so first I thought of time-warping it to fit beats, but then I only chose a tempo for my track which seemed to match the unchanged recording.
I cut the recording into “drum loops”. Then I used Cubase to identify hitpoints and export them as Midi. I chose a drumset and assigned the hits to different drumsounds fitting to the sounds of the recording.
Then I arranged a chord progression for the main parts of the track and repeated the drum loops.
I used the same Midi for the bass, reduced it to the most important hits and put the notes into a melody according to the chords.

Then I developed the track, adding more sounds, arranging and repeating sections, improvising some background melodies, thinning out drum and bass in certain sections… The original recording can be heard most of the time.


Here is some Sunday comfysynth for you. I imagine it playing in an RPG shop run by a rabbit that cycles through 2-3 bits of dialogue.

I had to give up on some things to keep it comfy! The NES-style RPG dialogue wouldn’t fit in, nor would the harp glissando. I also had tempo changes that sounded good but would probably prevent people from moving this to the background part of their listening.


Used Pigments to create textures and filled it out with nighttime field recordings. Used Arturia’s Juno-6 for an acidy arp and drenched everything in different shimmer reverbs. The prompt made me think about star constellations, the cosmos and the stuff we’re made off. All decisions were based on thinking about the sky at nighttime.


Yes, for me it’s definitely one of those releases that gets tucked away for a few years at a time and then I rediscover it. Always wished that Sylvian would have continued a bit more with this style.


Serendipity again. On my math journey I had come across some rabbits last week thanks to the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. It is used to calculate the growth of rabbit populations. You start with two rabbits and they make one, three rabbits make five and so on til the planet is full.
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144.
So I used these numbers in most of what I did. The sequence is divided into 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 bars. I sequenced the numbers as note values. The beats. If I needed a value for anything I used one of the above numbers. Was cool using numbers I shy away from like 5, 13 21.
I also made a clip this morning in TouchDesigner. I should have used the numbers more but they are represented.
Happy New Year!


I was born in the year of the fire horse so I started with a gallop rhythm, with which I created a drumkit and sidechained all the other tracks, whilst removing the drumkit from the recording. The main voices are the Neutron and CZ-1000, with a very simple electric bass riff. Then the usual distortions, gatings and reverbs were applied.


Thinking about rabbits made me appreciate how they seem to go from zero to one hundred.

They’re a pest in Australia, so I’ve adapted chords from a song I wrote about a weed.


For some reason I enjoyed the bleeping and blooping submissions. Different reasons for the selected approach. Always interesting to read the explanations.
@xiiixxi @ray_cobley @fakeg3nius @derangement @wasabicube @33per @jimkang
Any one else…? Maybe. Don’t you agree :blush: Sorry…


I initially watched some slow motion footage of wild bunnies running to get a vague rhythmic seed for this - the rest kind of generated itself from there. I did this entirely on an iPad, mainly in bed (I’ve been ill) - mainly just to find out if that’s a thing that’s possible to do…
Patterning 2 iOS plugin was a big part of the rhythmic texture generation process here.
Thanks for listening x


Here is my last minute take on this challenge!

Richard Adams - The Watership down -book was the inspiration behind this track. The track starts as calm, soothing tones whisper in the grassy plains, but after the rabbit hears the disruptive noise of the human world, it starts to sprint and the whole track becomes chaotic, I hope the bunny finds a shelter in the woods…

Made with using Ciat-Lonbarde Coco2 and Plum2 as sources of improvisatory noise, also Shbobo - SHNTH on top of that improvising some gestures, also used the mixer for dramatic effect on mute buttons and their release. Everything is recorded live after the patches had been done, just some compression and stereo rework done post-production.

“Vemmelsääri” is an old, playfull finnish word for Rabbit

(hope to still get along, its still monday 30 in finland, 21:22 o’clock…)


I really like that there’s a mini narrative being suggested by the sounds here - good job!


For the Disquiet Junto Project 0578, I accepted the challenge to write a song over the weekend for the Lunar New Year, Year of the Rabbit. My rabbit, Sally, was my muse until she passed away in September. I miss her so much and I wish she was here for Year of the Rabbit!

For this song, I attempted to capture the frantic pace of her hops around the room, as well as the soothing calm when she would suddenly flop down for a nap.

I think the '90s-style house drums go well with the crazy hopping and make a weird contrast with the jazzy section. The synth leads are played live on my Korg MinlogueXD, and the piano is, well, the less said of my piano playing the better. The jazzy clean guitar and the dirty rhythm guitar are my Gretsch Electromatic 2622 (with a bit of vibrato effect); the main lead guitar is my Pearly Gates Strat through a Boss Metal Zone Waza Craft pedal; and, the lead guitar over the middle section is the neck P-90 on my Epiphone SG. (Sorry, but you asked for gear details!)

This was really fun. I can’t wait to listen to all of these songs for rabbits! Rabbits are amazing pets. Consider supporting your local shelter!


I was born in the year of the pig, or - according to my quick internet research - the water pig. Sometimes when I am getting a track started, I will try to only use sounds and presets that contain certain words. There was only one that contained the word “pig” and quite a few with the word “water.” I didn’t really like any of the parts I was writing and one of the sounds was a particularly unpleasant squeak. As unpleasant as it was, it did sound like the squeak of some small animal - like a rabbit. From there, I let my rabbit spirit ally take over and I think the result is on theme. I especially like the thumping kick pattern. I turned down the squeaking sound so it isn’t audible, but I know it is still in there.


With the rabbit as my temporary musical spirit ally, I played the tongue drum, looped some parts then played the e-drums along with those loops. One take on each, so that’s that. I pictured some hopping and frolicking, then made little rabbity leaps with my hands. Converted the tongue drum to midi and dropped on a bass track using an Analog synth preset in Ableton.
Shared video of a less edited, slightly longer version for a Jamuary jam here:


Hello. Thanks to everyone for all the bunnies — and other beasts of the celestial field. If your track isn’t in the SoundCloud playlist, please let me know. I made a few errors yesterday, but corrected them this morning.

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Hello. I’m late! Sorry. Here’s my contribution.

All done on a Teenage Engineering OP-1 apart from some final compression by u-he Presswerk and reverb from Valhalla Room. Mostly played live but the drums were sequenced.

The genre is hip-hop, naturally. :smiley:

I made this in bed recovering from a chest infection. Just wanted something fun to cheer me up. And it did! :slight_smile:

The sample at the start is from this film on the Internet Archive: The Nasty Rabbit 1964 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The main melody came to me when I was thinking of the rhythm of a rabbit’s walk.



While researching the lunar year, I learned that each zodiak cycles through five different elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, which are the five phases of Wuxing, a conceptual scheme that describes relationships between phenomena. Each element has different properties, with water embodying stillness and representing the low point of the matter and/or the matter’s dying or hiding stage". These concepts were incorporated into the title “Rabbit Rigor Mortis”, which also happens to be an alliteration.

For the musical aspects, I took an old motif I created a while ago titled “Bunnies” and added various background elements such as running water, whistles, and a fire extinguisher flap. The talking drum is also featured prominently.