Disquiet Junto Project 0584: Generations

Bridging the gap means bridging the gap between ambient and free jazz
my track starts with ambient, followed by the beginning of a free jazz track, which leads into some free jazz ambient. I included a short passage of the free jazz track, the ending is ambient again


Does it start with the Fmaj9 chord you kept in your track?

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In my teenage years I listened to almost exclusively hip hop. While I still enjoy it, it has certainly taken a back seat to other genres I enjoy today. Ambient is one of those genres, which I think that former me would have not really enjoyed back then. During those years I also had a very lame attempt at making beats in Fruity loops, so I’ll consider this a long time in the making :sweat_smile:

I started simple by laying down a hip-hop sounding beat, and then played some ambient synth sounds over it. Then I had the idea to draw some inspiration from Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang, which is what the title and the lead melody is inspired by.

I wasn’t initially happy with where it went, but after a few tweaks today I started to have fun with it. It ends up sounding like trip hop I guess, and after I added the bass it reminded me of Bowery Electric !


My first steps with electronic music involved subjecting the poor folks in my high school’s cafeteria and my local campus radio to very abrasive dj sets. There was plenty of chaos, genre-hopping, and very little direction. Don’t have a genre for it. I guess we could call it uninvited ADHD noise, with a heavy Naked City influence? Here I’m trying to bridge the gap between that high school stuff and the kind of glitchy textural stuff I like to make these days. The track feels messy, repetitive, and I can’t say I like it, but somehow that fits the theme.

It’s made in ApeMatrix with a similar setup to the last couple of weeks. For the rhythmic bit that comes in a few times I’m using a heavily mangled factory pattern from Drum Computer. My partner talking on the phone through the iPad mic input is the other main sound source.


So one of the first bands that I really liked was The Who, and I don’t really like them as much now. And Baba O’Riley was one of the songs that really grabbed me. And now I like more ambient stuff, as well as Philip Glass, Terry Riley etc. So I used an arpeggio setting, which I normally wouldn’t let myself do. And this is what I came up with.


I was thinking of parts of tracks I used to love as a teenager, was playing with a bass rhythm from a Doors song, and ended up just going with the flow of what was coming out. All made in FL Studio, with a Midifighter Twister, 2x Akai Fires and a Jamstik.

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Yes! Good detective work.

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i realise i’m late here (it’s around 10am on tuesday my time, well past the 11:59pm monday deadline) but i wanted to try and submit my piece anyway in the hopes it might still be seen.

i wasn’t initially going to do this piece as towards the end of last week i was quite unwell (had an issue getting a supply of my regular medication which still isn’t fully resolved), and then over the weekend my bf visited and we were really busy, so it left little time for making music, and i didn’t have a clear idea anyway.

however on sunday night i was struck with inspiration and figured out what i could do. it was quite difficult as a lot of the stuff i liked when i was younger i still like now, but there are definitely things i enjoy now that younger me would have hated. i grew up in the 80s and loved the pop music of the time (pop has never been better before or since, i will not be swayed on this) but these days only really listen to that in the car, and i sometimes wonder if i just like it out of nostalgia and familiarity rather than the quality of the music itself.

when i was younger i hated a broad swathe of electronic tracks i referred to as “dance music”, and while these days i still don’t have much time for most mainstream edm, i do sometimes like to stream stuff from di.fm, and i certainly like the “weird bleeps and bloops” found in idm and related genres. i also have a lot more appreciation for ambient music, and it was these latter two that i started thinking about.

i ended up putting together a reasonable facsimilie of an instrumental 80s (or perhaps vaporwave) track in bitwig studio, using some free midi files and some free pop guitar samples i found. to keep with the 80s theme i instrumented this with ujam’s beatmaker vice for the drums, and a mix of pluginboutique’s virtualcz and arturia’s synclavier v for the other tracks.

i then saved the original version – i’m thinking i might try and make it into a finished track at some point in the future – and started to mess around with it on a new file. my original intention was to make something a lot more ambient but it ended up as kind of… ambient-idm? minimal audio rift and devious machines infiltrator2 did most of the work here.

i’m not 100% happy with it but i’m already posting late as it is, so i don’t really have more time to mess around with it. title found by chance while trying to find good song names, and artwork (which again i feel has come out quite nicely) from nightcafe studio.

edit: i turned the original composition into its own thing. in some ways i like this better than my junto entry. oh well.


My taste in music has only expanded over the years and there aren’t really any genres that I no longer enjoy. As such, I selected a genre that I enjoy to a lesser extent than before: soft rock. This genre is only reflected in some of the instrumentation (acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer, and percussion), with the sounds of these instruments heavily processed to the point where they hardly resemble the original source material, although the percussion was processed to a much lesser degree than the acoustic guitar and Wurlitzer. This prompt was more of an excuse to create another musique concrète composition, albeit one that utilizes real instruments.

The SpaceCraft app and Kaleidoscope plugin did a lot of the heavy lifting here, although a bunch of EQ was applied to attenuate some of the more unpleasant frequencies.

Instruments used: cuckoo call, conga, octo snare cajon, snare drum, acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer, flag pole, keys (jangling)


Amazing how just one hour’s shift can mess my brain up. Hello from newly Pacific Daylight Time. I think the playlist is now up to date. If I missed your track, let me know.

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