Disquiet Junto Radio - exploring the catalogue

Client side radio experiment.
Who doesn’t want >>9000 tracks as shuffled ambience, while they’re working from home?


Working from a .js/jQuery/css/Soundcloud “shuffle player” template - in this instance configured for Junto History, as an observation of scale. (not of scales)

For those interested, find notes on the supporting GitHub repository.


If I understand you, it’s like a pseudo-station (really a player) that plays shuffled disquiet junto tracks from SoundCloud? I’d be interested

Yes - a shuffle player, handling API calls but needs no server.
Effectively a ‘radio’ because I can leave it playing without interruption or intervention.
But not a ‘radio station’ because it is not replete with tools for uploads/playlists/storage/voiceovers/ads/rotations.
I am thinking:
(1) host it from GitPages, setup already for Disquiet = ‘oneclick’ and drift off to entire Junto back catalogue = just for fun & all I need is to avoid offending content creators = not appear as a spammer!
(2) document & provide an ‘unconfigured’ code template on GitHub Repo = build your own ‘radio’ from favoured Soundcloud profiles+playlists = worthwhile if anyone interested can match their curiosity with basic Git & .js/HTML skills?

So, it seems Marc at least may allow the Disquiet ‘brand’ to be on it. A few of you think it’s cute. And I’ve done a share of Juntos myself back in the day. So I will push ahead with plan (1) and bump a link back here when it is ‘live’.


Looks good. How does it know which tracks are ambient? or do you curate it?

They are all Disquiet - they are all ambient! (being noises from the other side of the room)

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Try it at : https://disquietjuntoradio.github.io/DisquietJuntoRadio/


Nice work! I don’t like soundcloud very much but I do like the junto very much, this is a nice way to listen.

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Somewhat my motive - tho’ regarding SoundCloud, we can still listen respectfully as they are giving all the heavy lifting! eg: Use the righthand side SoundCloudLink to offer comments&support when you hear tracks you like.


Great job on this! Seems to be crashing Chrome iOS when I put the tab in the background. Ah well I will give out a go later on laptop. Thanks for putting this together!

Thanks for feedback. It is a toy really - I’ll be unlikely to react to every bug in every setting. Major browsers on major desktops seem OK. It is GitHub based, so you can fork and have a go yourself? I’ll aim to make things (in the code) more generic/friendly to that end.

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Impressive! Tested on iOS Firefox and worked well. This is really great. Nice job!
Will try to look at the code later and see if I can try out some alternate css styling options.

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( Obvious styling suggestions = not write it in notepad++, comment the code & run it through a linter :slight_smile: )

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Twenty characters of :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

css styling : seriously, some @media entries for extremes of view size could clean it up a lot!

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Nice work! I’ve wanted to make a similar page for a while, still WIP as ive only looked at it on and off, but might share it here when i get it online, good to see im not the only one who enjoys listening back to all these fantastic contributions :smiley:

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Good stuff, always up for listen to Disquiets!

cool, very interesting!

thinking - something like this - perhaps even playing fragments of the tracks fading in and out might be really cool for the current Junto (Disquiet Junto Project 0436: Planetary Headspace) - however I’m already over committed on my time for this weekend :frowning: so just throwing the idea out there in the, probably vain, hope that it might grab someone else as worth doing…


Thanks for seeing it creatively. I hear you clear regards time! I keep imagining, with the (several) decent js DSP lib’s around, comparing tracks through convolution buffers to establish a constant fading ‘coherence’ from track to track - or otherwise maybe sampling&mixing via convolutions into an endlessy modulating drone. It sure is faster to make sound tracks in the mind than to realise them!