Disquiet Junto Silent Film Project (2020)

Very nice project, already signed in!

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I’ll give a try to this “micro patch work” idea I’ve been developing with some fellas: write a mini idea, it can be one note, some seconds of sound, a simple stab or hit, and send it to the next on line, who will add another bit, but cumulating one after the other, reacting to the previous addition, to build something disparate and coherent.
So a short section of the film can include many contributors…
We could define a mood for each section, creepy, sad, tense, etc and participants would be assigned to each section…


+1 This idea. Also helpful if the filmmaker(s) have something in mind for a particular scene: suspenseful, cheery, etc. Something upon which to hang a sonic idea.


This is gonna be good. I hesitate to over think it. We don’t want a totally unique collaborative effort like this to end up sounding like a single musical entity. I’m thinking that watching the actual end result of this process will be like experiencing a series of short films with their own beginning middle and end… and yet there’s a single plot running through it somehow… at any rate, I’m looking forward to it!


Hi, replied to one of the emails in order to join the Slack. Not sure if it was received.

Haven’t contributed to the Junto in a bit, but I’d like to get back into it!

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Hi. Thanks for the alert. I just replied to the one outstanding Slack request I hadn’t yet. If you got it, then that was you (different name than I’m seeing here), but if you didn’t, please email me another request or DM me here, because I’m not seeing any un-activated requests in my inbox. Thanks for the interest.

Per the Junto email I just sent out, the first Disquiet Junto Silent Film project is looking to be Alice in Wonderland, directed by W. W. Young and released back in 1915.