Disquiet Junto: The 300th Consecutive Weekly Project


I’ve got a bloody cough now - blame you entirely! :wink: Get well (very!) soon!


I really dig the Steve Reich style rhythmic groove yours gets into.

Wild how the two chords similar chords can sound so different


potatoes without the meat - favorite chord played on three different VSTs in three different transpositions staggered entries. Made a statement as it was so I left it there… hope it’s not too basic oh… forgot …I gave myself 300 seconds to make it in… and 600 to upload it up here. Happy 300th y’all


Hey all, first post here. This looks like a really cool community! Turns out that my first Junto was 0250; almost exactly one year ago, and another big round number. Thank you Marc for providing a creative tool that is nourishing, and always there when you need it.

The video above features Korg Minilogue, Korg volca fm, and acoustic guitar frozen by Mutable Instruments Clouds. The rest of the process is documented in the video description. There’s a shout-out to this project in the volca fm patch name. :blush: Thanks everyone, enjoy!



wow! its been a long time since I participated. The instructions this time around got me very excited. Tried to do something with vocals, guitar and keys, and it turned out ok I think.

The vocals I attempted to do a hocketing thing, but it was harder than I thought. I only did one take of each line, and made a few mistakes, but just left them in since they add a bit of texture. The guitar I tuned to the chord so I wouldn’t need to hold something for 100 seconds, and added a few embellishments.

I want to try out the vocal hocketing again, possibly with a more striking sound, and with instruments as well to fill it out.


Special 300th limited edition, now with moving pictures --> https://youtu.be/wXPG8Cf5PH8
(Also built from Reaper JSFX)




so glad to make it back in time for number 300! i recorded an ambient experiment for piano, juno 106, and harp, each played by hand for 100 seconds.

for this project, i chose to treat each instrument a little differently, using progressive shaping. the piano was untouched except for a bit of reverb. the juno ran through the modular synthesizer–mutable instruments clouds, and then strymon delay and reverb pedals. the lap harp swells and plucks also ran through the modular, this time through makenoise morphagene, then clouds and the strymon fx. i let morphagene run through its reel, modulating its parameters and splice playback in real time, with assistance from qubit chance, which doubled as a fine random source for clouds. this was my first time using morphagene, actually.

with all three instrumental tracks in place in ableton, i applied some random modulation to the juno and harp, letting them fade in and out behind the piano, which plays a sparse melody of the chosen chord–something like Amaj2add6; a major pentatonic scale.


Beautiful - This is like slowly waking up from a nap in the long grass, and seeing the sunlight filtering through your eyelashes.


I chose the classic guitar chord, D Major, for my piece this week. I didn’t have as much time to spend on it as I would have liked, so I made something simple and straightforward. The instruments I chose were really hard to tune, so it’s a little dissonant.

I played the chord on two modular synth instruments, sequenced by Monome Ansible Kria. The third instrument is a Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax Organ, roughly tuned to the notes in the D Major chord (as close as possible with this instrument).




Hi everyone! 100 seconds no more:


My contribution to the Disquiet 300th project:

“Disquiet 300” for Piano, Wind chime, and Oboe Obbligato [disquiet0300]
For the Disquiet Junto 300th project.

Disquiet Junto Project 0300: The 300th Project
3 chords x 100 seconds

Three note chord: B-flat, F and G, strummed and plucked inside a piano, played on a wind chime and again on the keys of the piano. Piano and wind chime were looped in Samplr. Oboe obbligato improvised over the tracks. The piano is used twice but the sounds are completely different.

I read the instructions again after posting my track. Looks like the 3 instruments are supposed to play simultaneously ( I was wondering why all the tracks were so short…duh). Mine are more sequential but with a lot of overlapping :slight_smile:


3 synths, 3 different octaves


E minor on electric ukulele, Nashville-tuned electric guitar and electric bass.

As usual my timing is a bit off. Added delay in Live to stretch it to 100 seconds.


Here is my contribution:

100 seconds

I played a Csus2, always a favorite of mine.

My instruments were some high string samples run through some filters and effects, a harp arpeggio and a sax tape loop. Then I ran the whole thing through mixer, some lowpass filtering and a cassette bounce. You know, like you do.

This is my first contribution to this project after following it for over a year.


wow! this sounds really great. what an emotional place music can take you – memories like a perfume flowed. thanks!


This is my first Disquiet, and my first post here (hi!).

The chord is F# minor.
The piece was created with a eurorack system:
Instrument 1: Intellijel Shapeshifter playing the F#m chord, filtered by a Korgasmatron, and run through two vcas. The vcas are controlled by both functions of Maths, each also modulating the others’ “both” time input.
Instrument 2: Mutable Rings, in “Karplusverb” mode. It is arpeggiating the chord with a long decay.
Instrument 3: Intellijel Plonk playing an arpeggiated bassline, through Three Sisters and synced delay.


Happy 300th!

Here’s my entry for the big occasion. I wanted to focus on finding or creating sounds that would sustain for the entire 100 seconds, rather than retriggering/replaying as the piece went on. After a somewhat fruitful treasure hunt around the house for resonant things (the results of which might show up in a future project), I decided in the end to stick mainly to my pedal board… but with a few twists.

Track 1 - is my solo voice through a Red Panda Particle, adding both pitch shift (to create the ‘chord’) and granular delay.
Track 2 - is the complex noise/hum that I got from putting an electromagnetic pickup against the touch panel keyboard of my Volca Beats. I processed that through the pitch shift function on my OBN Dark Star pedal to create the chord that tonally anchors the piece (b-d-a).
Track 3 - is an organ-like sound from the Volca FM, processed with reverse delay & reverb through an ED Avalanche Run

Both Tracks 1 & 2 ended up becoming generative sound sources through their processing - going way beyond my 100 second aspirations. The hum could indeed be infinite (as long as the power holds out).

Thank you, Marc, for providing the creative spark, and to everyone in the community for lighting up around it. I’m happy I found you all. Here’s to many more noises to come!