Distance - tiho tiho

Recent times were difficult for most of us. But there was also a lot of creativity blooming.
I’m excited to share with you all my latest record that is my reflection of recent happenings.

I initially got into modular being inspired by videos of Annannie and Lightbath. But as my explorations of the format progressed I found myself in a completely different space.
This record marks for me a discovery of a lot of freedoms instead of limitations, both creative and personal.
There was a lot of norns shield on the tracks, while specific details are forgotten there almost certainly Otis script in most tracks. The script spurred my newfound love for unsynced loops.
The record will be free for a couple of weeks. Feel free to add to your collection.

Thank you for listening :bowing_man:

Huge thanks go to all the community and especially
@Justmat for Otis
@dan_derks for cranes
@tehn for envisioning such a beautiful thing as norns