Distant Duets


I started a new duet project bringing together 2 artists who have never released music together to make a track in 2 weeks. Each artist then chooses an artist for the next round (mystery collab).
A track is released every 2 weeks

This is the first, untold by insomniac hotel & Jon Snyder.

I am insomniac hotel and for my part of the collab used modular, ZOIA, and some software.

thanks for checking it out!


i love this idea

seems like cafe oto in london (and probably others around the world) are trying something similar

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Love the track! I’ve done a monome collab thing like 10-13 years ago, whoa. But also, I read the title of this thread “Distant Dudes” and it made me lol.

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thanks so much for listening man!
I’m stoked to see all the diets that come out of it. people who otherwise would never make art together.

Great concept, I dig it.

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For anyone interested the 2nd Distant Duet came out today!

Fantastic soundscape by ÉMU & Melissa Keeling:

always free to stream at Distant Duets

thanks for listening!

This seems great, bookmarked to follow up. :slight_smile:

I want to start finishing pieces and releasing them. I’d like to maybe participate in this, soon.

Hi Everyone,
Just a little update we’re up to 6 Distant Duets now, with more in the pipeline.

Such a fun project :slight_smile: