Disting mk4 Quick Guide

I’ve made a mobile-friendly web-based cheat sheet for the Disting mk4. The guide includes the ins, outs, and parameter values of each of the algorithms. In short, if there’s a chart in the manual, it’s in the guide. That is, it’s the basic info from the manual about each algorithm without the paragraphs of explanatory text. You probably don’t want to use this guide to get familiar with the Disting, but once you are, you might find it a handy reference.

There’s a few other minor bells and whistles, hopefully it’s all pretty self explanatory. I hope you find it useful. Please let me know if you find any errors or have any suggestions. It’s brand new so there’s bound to be a bug or two…



Thank you for this helps a lot especially when I’m away from the computer!

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hey, thanks for this!

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Yeah, thanks for this. I have a PDF I use, and this looks like a good resource.

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People might also be interested in the Modes iPhone App - started out as a cheat sheet for Disting, and has now expanded to include pages for 16 or 17 other multimods modules:

There’s also a web version:

And the module pages are written in xml, so you can upload your own here:


Oh dear, learning about that sooner could have saved me a lot of time…:exploding_head:

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Hopefully you learned something along the way though!!!

Heh, yeah. But in truth, I’m just kidding. Looks like he/they did a great job, but there are some things about mine that I like too. So no regrets. :grinning:

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you are all beautiful people!

Its like in school. When you make that cheat sheet for math class with all those formulas then don’t use them because you basically remember them all by then . :smiley:

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These are excellent!

My wish is for a handy PDF/mobile/app guide for o_C Hemisphere Suite, which mostly has reasonably straight-forward modules (and a screen!) but could benefit from a sky-view reference sheet with a minimum of explanatory text, possibly organized into categories (sequencers, LFOs, routing, envelopes, misc utilities, etc). The problem I notice isn’t so much figuring out what individual modules do, but more like planning out what you want to use from the available tools while you’re in the middle of building a patch and having a super quick chart for each mode like the guides above.

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Made this a little while back: http://disting.fun

UI is very similar @damon, great minds think alike :smile:

Still feels a little unfinished to me, but definitely related, haven’t really shared with anyone yet! :slight_smile: Would be interested in working with people to keep up to date and improve, as I haven’t had time. Repo is here: https://github.com/denimandsteel/disting


Hi! I’m the author of that Modes app. @damon, nice job - your design is much nicer than my document pages :slight_smile:

Just FYI it’s in the queue for Modes, but will probably be a month or two before I get it done. I’ve gotten permission from the original O_C authors to adapt their user guide so I will be starting with the original firmware.

If you sort the open issues on the GH project by the date the issue was opened you can roughly see my plan. If anyone wants to contribute that would be wonderful, just check the issue list and comment so nobody does it twice.



That’s fantastic! Thanks for working on this :slight_smile: I might very well contribute if I can be of help - I’ll look into the GH project.

This has all been super helpful seeing as how i just bought a Mk4. Thanks all!

Wow, has everybody made one of these? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good job on yours! Now I feel like search should have been a 1.0 feature…

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Hehe I happen to have built a few search driven UIs at work, so it was just what’s at hand :wink:

My wish is for a handy PDF/mobile/app guide for o_C Hemisphere Suite


thank you for this helpful tool!

You’re welcome, I’m glad you find it useful! Sorry I’ve fallen behind on updating it for the latest the firmware updates. :flushed: I hope to catch up before the weekend, next week at the latest…

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The guide is now up-to-date as of v4.14.2.