Divided Modulations – System One

I released my very first album :tada:

All tracks are performed on a Make Noise Shared System modular synthesizer and recorded directly in stereo. It’s a selection of recordings I made with this system in the last half year. Sarah Belle Reid’s online course encouraged me to actually release my music. I enjoyed the process and it’s really great to have a finished piece in my (digital) hand, compared to a unsorted folder of a hundreds of WAV files :slight_smile:

I will definitely release a Buchla Easel album and a more experimental Shared System album in the future.

I would love to hear feedback if it’s your kind of music as this is the first time I release music.

Feel free to use one of the codes below, if you want to download it or if you want to add it too your Bandcamp collection:


[Codes updated]


I used sjxm-x38v

Thanks for that, looking forward to checking it out!

Thank you! Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of live recorded tracks of the shared system (its potential, etc.) … you’ve piqued my curiosity. It’s sounding good… digging the sort of minimal, tonal vibe going on. It sounds focused and refined so far (just starting track #3, relishing the timbral quality of these sounds)

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Thanks for your feedback.

I don’t aim to create the “best” music by spending hours in a DAW, I just want to create music.
The Shared System is a wonderful system for this. Small enough to quickly create a patch and large enough to create 2-3 voices with enough variety for a longer track.