Division department 01/iv

I picked this up today and love the sound, really scratches the itch I’ve had since I sold my syncussion - but I’m struggling with implementing the midi controls (this is my first instrument not based on analog voltages.) really feeling the learning curve. I feel like I’m missing something crucial (flow is ableton>USB to midi adapter>01/IV) or am misunderstanding how learning mode works. Thanks so much for any direct instructional
Videos or advice, really looking forward to unlocking this

Hello! I’ve been digging in a bit to the 01/IV the past week or so, after deciding to do some demo videos for the shop I work for, and then getting excited about the range of sounds this box can produce.

Part of that involved trying to figure out the MIDI aspect, which is indeed very confusing; by the end I managed to send it a section of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, which, aside from some tracking issues in the upper registers, was a success! So I’d be happy to help if I could :slight_smile:

I’m using the exact same setup, it seems — Ableton into USB/MIDI adapter into 01/IV — so hopefully my struggles to decipher this (very unique and weird) implementation of MIDI might have given me something to share!

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So looking forward to this :eyes: I don’t know if I’m not initiating learn mode properly or if my ableton midi configuration is messed up or what but nothing seems to be coming through

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Starting to get the hang of it :slight_smile: cc messages are far on my learning curve but I’m getting a feel for the way it responds to velocity. The sample and hold modulation is so dope


Reviving this, I hope.
Very interested in this instrument, but I need to know more before spending $.
I’m intrigued by the cross channel FM - but is it all or nothing? Is it controllable?

It seems odd to me that a synth like this doesn’t have manual triggers…