DIY 1U modules like the Isms ones?

I’m planning on building a skiff in the same sort of dimensions as isms and wondered if anyone could recommend similar 1U utility modules or schematics for DIY?

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I’m kinda in th same boat. I was thinking about a passive attenuator bank, but the intellijel quadratt looks great value for the functionality. The intellijel digiverb also sounds nice.

I am going to convert GMSN! Pure noise to a 1U module also.

I think i’ll also put in a set of passive mults.

@infovore has a range of these for sale I believe…

yeah! foxfield ftw!


Thanks everyone! plenty to dig into here :grinning:

It’s not DIY, but the pulplogic attenuate/offset 1u module is one I really like. The stacked double-knob design works really well.

Come to think of it, is there any other 1u/6hp module that can both attenuate and offset – not sure if you could fit 2 mini knobs on the same space… hmmm :thinking:

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yeah the pulplogic modules are great. i use SUM tiles all the time. only 20 bucks!

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