DIY 3.5mm adapter for Werkstatt, SoftPop, Kastle, etc

Hello all,

I already own a werkstatt and was hoping to integrate it into my modular settup without shelling out $45 for a CV dongle. Additionally, I’m looking to order a softpop, but would love to use CV from my setup, and figured why not DIY a one-stop cv adapter!

As someone with minimal DIY experience, I’m a bit in the dark about what specifically I’ll need to do. I’m probably going to get some of the thonkiconn so I can make a breadboard jacks, but will I need to add a resistor when sending/receiving audio and CV from the werkstatt or softpop? Also if anyone has done something like this or has ideas for effective schematics I would love to see what’s out there!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Having owned the werkstatt I can honestly say the CV expansion is totally worth it.

This is rad! I can’t seem to find a link to schematics, do you know if they were made public?

Would love to carry one less plug for the werkstatt.

This might help

As far as I can see on the picture there’s nothing going on beside jacks and pinheaders. If you know how to solder this is made in no time. A breadboard, jacks and some pinheaders and you are fine

here is the relating muff thread:

Thank you so much! These are brilliant. I’m definitely going to crack open my werkstatt when I have a free weekend.

I use two modded Werkstatts with CV expanders. I did the proper gate and VCA input from the Synthnerd tutorials. I also added a switch to isolate the VCF for running external sounds through it alone. Here’s a video about that one. Real easy to do. Just snip a jumper and add a switch.