DIY Befaco Hex VCA Mixer

I just finished this project last night. I haven’t tested it yet.

Overall the kit is pretty good. I’d label it challenging beginner to intermediate. It’s all through hole parts with 1/8 watt resistors. I would call it an easy project if there were fewer parts. There are hundreds of parts. The first PCB has 111 resistors!

The PCBs are well laid out. All the parts are arranged in order from the upper left.

The instructions are minimal but effective. There are no pictures but they explain each step and PCB layout helps.

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I seemed to be the recipient of the joke nut. Don’t know how many times I tried to screw this on. I tried different jacks. Then I finally took a closer look.


nice job! WHat opamp/VCA’s are used, i cant find info

Not sure, there are, I’m guessing, some SMD quad op amps pre soldered to board 1. Then there are 6 dual op amps in sockets on board 2. These were LF411 I think.

Here is a schematic