DIY i2c cables


Hey All,

So im looking at running the new poly earthsea in my system, but my cases are split by design. My JF is in the top case and my Ansible, powered i2c busboard and 301 are in the bottom case. I know there is the txb in development but i was wondering if its possible to just drill my case and add a stereo jack to each and connect the cases that way? What would be the best way to wire this up?


Theoretically it could work. Since I2C is 3 pins, I think you’d just have to make sure the jack wiring matches up on both sides. You might have read up more on I2C around here than me, but my impression of it is that it’s not amenable to hot-plugging (particularly since one of the pins is ground), so you might have to take care there as well.


Thanks for the tip on hot-plugging, something I wasnt awar of. If I did go ahead with my idea it would be always plugged in. The case folds in half so I’d only remove it when traveling.


Made some i2c cables that seem to work great, thanks for all the info here!

I used and

I had some difficulty with applying pressure and broke 5 of the connectors in the process of building these. Needle-nose pliers weren’t a good fit for the job as they apply pressure at an angle. you need to be able to apply quite a bit of pressure to get the socket connectors to close on the wire. I ended up using the back of my multimeter and just trying to be careful to push directly downward.


I use an adjustable jaw pipe-wrench sorta thing. You want something with a wide-jaw with flat-ish surfaces on the inside…

Found something on amazon - they called these “water pump pliers”



at my hardware store I found a “crimp tool” that worked like a charm. I think I used the “wire cutter” bit.



I do have a tool like this, will try if I run into this again.