DIY monome compatible grid w/ Adafruit NeoTrellis

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. Great work!

Has anyone got this to work with Norns Shield running 210607. I used okyeron’s code (awesome work.) The ./wad build fails.

The previous Norns Shield build 201202 works fine.

Any ideas?

patching norns source code is not necessary anymore since a few releases.

the DIY grid should get natively detected.

the README needs an update to remove those instructions.


You could just cut a hole in the bottom layer just big enough so there isn’t extra pressure but the teensy doesn’t fall through. It’s not ideal, but it worked for me

That’s great. Just confirmed. Thanks for responding so quickly!

Hey folks im absolutely new to this forum!
Ive recently build a 16x8 grid with a teensy 4.0. For two days im trying to get it to run or do anything with Max patches or MaxforLive… I really read all 1046 posts here and tried everything i found. Can anyone confirm a working build with Teensy 4.0 and windows 10 ? I dont think my fault is in the build, testsketches work perfect, flashing the code to the teensy works, and i get the light popping when i connect it to the pc, now im stuck getting serialosc to work on two windows machines. I tried everything i have found at this point, but no luck… Max and M4L patches dont recognize the Grid yet.

Thanks everybody for being part of this community, i hope someday i can help sombody too!

Regars Luis

have you installed the most recent serialosc ?

Also Be sure the Teensy is set to USB Type Serial

For testing - have you looked at this:

I have some CPU issue with norns shield when i connect NeoTrellis.
I use 3a usb adapter, but looks like not enough power for this tandem.
Any ideas?

Please explain “CPU issue”. That should be different from a power issue.

When I connect NeoTrellis to norns, CPU increases up to 100%. In some scripts i hear pops and clicks (like less concepts or awake with passersby).

Hey thanks for the quick reply! I have the latest serialosc installed and usb port set to serial only. I left cpu speed on 600mhz… when monitoring the serial in the arduino ide i get squares and !‘s when pressing buttons… i will check the test you posted! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

No idea why that would happen.

Try having Maiden open and see if it shows any errors. Make sure you’re on the most recent norns shield system update. Test connecting when you have something simple like Awake running.

trying it here I get some libmonome: error in write: Resource temporarily unavailable errors on connection - but just for a few. Then with Less Concepts 3, the CPU stays the same as when the grid was not attached.

Last shield update was installed. After connecting Maiden show

tty appears to be grid-st

monome device appears to be a grid; rows=8; cols=16; quads=2

grid added: 3 neo-monome m4676000 m4676000

Original awake run with in cpu with or without grid
Passersby awake work with 80- with grid and without

I tested the LEDDEMO skript, but all patches in Max and M4L dont show anything besides in the dropdown menu… Im almost certain that i have something wrong with serialosc, ive downloaded version 1.4.3 and installed it as mentionend in the documentation. Firewalls are all turned off. However, when i upload the hex file with the teensy loader, theres no led blink when plugged in (maxbe because its not for teensy 4.0) so i just opened the .ino file and compiled it myself, maybe theres the mistake. i feel so dumb not getting this to work :smiley:

No - that hex won’t work with T4. (only 3.2)

So… maybe you have some other teensy side problem.

Did you run the multi-trellis test code and verify all the bits were working?

This sounds a bit like a passerby-awake issue rather than a gird issue to me. it’s possible that script is pushing out grid refreshes too fast?

Now i think, that problem with my shield) Better to ask in shield thread)

yep all buttons and leds work fine with the multitrellis sketch. it cant be the cable otherwise it wouldnt upload the sketch at all, or am i wrong. ive tested it now on 3 windows machines, installed max 8, installed serialosc 1.4.3 and still nothing in the max patches :frowning: i keep on digging nonetheless, i have a norns shield build in hte going which is missing a lot of parts, so i cant test the grid with the norns right now, max and max4live are my only options at the moment


Hang in there, you’ll figure it out, and tell me what you did to make it work? I gave up.

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my neotrellis works w/ the few m4l i have tested under windows 10.

what you might be missing is the Bonjour protocol print service.



Thats not very encouraging :smiley: Does your neonome work with other monome stuff correctly? Or did you ditch the project completely?

Works with Norns shield, Fates, teletype, and ansible. Can’t get it to work with windows…

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