DIY monome compatible grid w/ Adafruit NeoTrellis

As of the time that I was placing their order, Adafruit has 4 boards in stock. As of right now, they only have 1.

It’s a bummer, as their office is blocks away from mine, but it’s moot as I’ve already placed the Digi-Key order as a workaround (plus I needed some bumpons and m2.5 hardware)

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digikey shows back ordered on the driver boards now. i did it, i waited too long.

(10 left) UK:

See also: (13 available - ships from US)


I have built a Grid, but I need some help or advice.
I can flash the sirmware, My Mac sees is as a MIDI device, my Fates sees it both as MIDI device and under GRID…but it doesn’t seem to do anything in any app, nothing lights up…buttons do nothing…

-I have soldered all boards together, like in the supplied video (should I solder the pads on the leds side as well?)

-a blob of solder on each address pad as in the picture (

-tessny is connected DIRECTLY ON THE BOARDS as in the picture (

Maybe you flashed as MIDI + serial?

Should be just Serial.

here How to flash the firmware on a Teensy micro-controller
“a) Tools->USB Type= Serial, MIDI or Serial+MIDI”
Flashed as “Serial” only, now it’s not seen anymore by Fates

please don’t ask me how but I made it :wink:
I believe I did assign 2 boards on the same Address by soldering A0
Desoldered, tested the “Multitrellis_test” and finally saw a rainbow of colors. Then uploaded the correct firmware and it’s woking now :wink:


Has anyone tried this with a teletype? Thinking about doing a little 4*8 spinoff based on the code to use with my teletype.

2 from the uk source, and 6 left fro marrow.

If anyone knows of any other potential sources, please let me know! Tempted to just grab the 6 from arrow, but would rather buy all at once from one supplier.

For the moment the neotrellis grid code won’t work with Teletype (or other avr32 based modules). The USB hardware detection does not work with CDC microcontrollers. You’d need to do a workaround to use an FTDI chip as described above


I’ve got a test build and a ftdi chip flashed - just waiting on another part before fully testing (neotrellis boards :slight_smile: ) - but from looking at the teletype code and your code for the teensy - I’m really confident it’ll work - I’m expecting to be able to fully test it later this week… will update here if it works…


I think we chatted briefly on facebook, but this chip would also allow for the grid to not need any ode modification to work with norns, right?

Yes - that’s the plan! It should work… I’ve got the ftdi chip sorted and programmed and I think the code is now sorted - but just ordered some more neotrellis boards to test, which should be here this week… dont want to mess with my working grid as I am using it play with :slight_smile:

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@okyeron: thank you, i see. i’ll look into it but it might be over my head.
@forestcaver: great, i would be very interested in seeing your results!

starting this build now. almost finished sanding the boards.

i realize that this seems like a basic question but could anyone explain to me how i test each board before i solder them? i have the seesaw libraries for neotrellis. i just dont know how to connect to each one so i can upload the “basic” sketch to them one at a time.

do i have to solder the pins the teensy to each board one by one or is there another way to temporarily connect them? i assume i use the teensy and the usb cable to connect to the computer. i got a jstph cable from adafruit but im not sure if im supposed to use that either. the adafruit guide appears to show that there is soldering involved. i just dont get how im supposed to do that to each one. or do i test them as i go by soldering the teensy to the first board that it’s gonna stay soldered to ,then as i attach the boards, test them that way?

so… what I was going to suggest is just taping the flexi-pcb in place and then holding it with your finger while you plug in the teensy

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just tape the 5 contact points to the 5 points on each board? no jstph cable required?

yeah - ignore the jst cable. That can be used, but you’d need a different teensy or other microcontroller.

Did you figure out how to upload the basic neotrellis sketch?

Also - you’ll want to do the board addresses like in the pictures on github. Then I can send you a pre-compiled hex to use if you’re having trouble with re-coding the addresses in Arduino

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cool thanks man.

i think so, yeah. i will try in a second but it seems like i select the basic sketch, then once connected, i click “Upload” at the top of the Arduino screen, above the code

you can just upload the sketch to the teensy Once without anything connected.

Then, just unplug/plug the teensy into USB to power it on to test each board

(assuming you’ve not already soldered the address jumpers) - i do that last after all the boards are tiled together

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