DIY monome compatible grid w/ Adafruit NeoTrellis

I believe Teletype is not yet updated to a full “release” for the new grid, but I think I saw that those changes have been pushed to the main branch.

So if someone wants to compile it they should be able to test.

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Please share the files. This is gorgeous.

Oops, jumped the gun. I know it was in the works…

Ohh when I can get round to updating my TT and switching to non ftdi code on my grid I will absolutely give this a try and report my findings.

Updated the previous post with link to files :slight_smile:

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For those on wanna live on the bleeding edge: Teletype 4.0 pre-release beta

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Welp, I bought an FTDI board and troubl shooted for days for absolutely no reason…

I am happy to 100% confirm that the neotrellis works with TT 4.0.0 without any special adapters, just plug in and go!


DIY to learn, not to earn :grinning:

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@Gerald_Stevens I wonder if this would solve the long standing issues you had with getting the neotrellis working on Windows?

I’ll let you know if it does. Let’s hope so,

After a long wait for laser cut parts, my neotrellis grid is finally finished! Made in 4mm clear coated cherry.

Huge thank you to everyone who contributed time and effort to make this such and easy and accessible project, I learnt so much from it and I am really proud of the result.


Looks so awesome @nonverbalpoetry now i want a wooden case too… Or maybe a clear one @Fisher? Love how creative people are here🤓

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The wood really does make it a wonderful object, and it vibes with my leather eurorack case well. The 2 layers of 4mm wood makes the buttons the perfect height too :smiley: but that clear bottomed case looks oh so very cool though

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So this was 5 layers of 4mm cherry? Which file did you use?

It looks so good!

4 layers of cherry. The top two and bottom two layers are cherry veneer ply, the middle layer (the spacer that is in 4 seperate parts in the file) was 3mm ply, because I’m pretty sure the thickness of that spacer is important to keep the neotrellis boards nice and tightly sandwiched. I used the file from the GitHub, split into two files, one for the 3mm material and one for the 4mm.
The two 4mm top peices give the perfect height on the buttons so that when they are pressed they are only just above the surface.


I guess this is my next project :smiley:
might try making a 3d printed case, as I already have a 3d printer.

I like this case! I’m looking into getting a modified version of it fabbed locally.

Can you tell me what material you used for the 3D-printed part?

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question, as it’s a little ambiguous in the OP and on the github page - can the JST-PH cable be used to connect the complete grid (multiple trellises soldered together) to the teensy, or does the teensy have to be soldered directly to the trellises once it’s complete? Is the cable only usable for testing the individual units?

@nihilazo The cable works fine with multiple trellises, it’s exactly the same contacts as the PCB ones. The JST cable does not fit with the laser cut support price though, as the cutout is not big enough. I tested my setup exclusively with the JST cable but soldered the contacts once it went in the case.

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this was just PLA. works fine as it doesnt get hot. m3 bolts in each corner thread directly into the plastic, I think the ones holding in the usb breakout were m1.5, you could also just glue it.

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