DIY monome compatible grid w/ Adafruit NeoTrellis

Looks great! I still want to attempt a 256 Neotrellis grid someday…

Dumb question, but based on the laser cut files on github, who can recommend a good standoff set?

Depends on your layer thicknesses.

My usual thing is 3mm acrylic with a 5mm eva foam layer. that’s 3+3+5 inside - so 11mm spacers.

If you went with 3+3+3 then 8mm spacers will work.

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I’ll throw out too that the generic nylon hex standoffs definitely fit the laser cut case. I had some chonky metal ones I wanted to use but alas, too much chonk.

Hi! apologies but i could not find the right answer.
After upgrading to the latest update 220802, my DIY grid is not recognised any more by my fates.
In seem to renember there was a fix for this¿
Apologies I have not used my fates / Grids for a long time.