DIY Norns - output is quiet [SOLVED]

I have become aware that my DIY Norns’ output is very quiet. I can push up the volume but that also pushes the noise up. I have all the levels full up in the global page and in the audio settings. (Note - Audio out level on global page does not always match audio out level in audio settings. When I updated to the most recent Norns the output levels audio settings were at -Inf, while the graph in the global page showed 100% output.)

I became aware of this after repatching my mixing desk, but even with headphones directly into the Norns the level is very low, so I don’t think there is a problem with my monitoring setup.

I’ve also had problems getting a decent recording level, e.g. in Cranes.

Is there any way to configure audio levels aside from the UI options?


You, might want check resistor values. I’m not having these issues with my Shield.

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Good idea, I will look into it.

I’ve just realised from looking at the Norns approaching thread that as I have a board dated 191021, there are a few bridges I need to make on the PCB. Not sure these will influence the levels but I’ll do it anyway.

I think the mods/fixes were related to the encoders. I may be wrong, however.


Info is in:


I changed a few things - added the bridges, replaced one of the 10K resistors (I had managed to lose one of the original 10K 603 resistors and used a spare 805 instead. Miraculously the other day I came across the missing resistor under some things on my desk, so I put that back in.) Reflowed a cap.
Unplugged the power while I was doing all that.
Anyway the end result is the levels are good now :slight_smile: So something had an effect.


That Is miraculous! I always buy a few extra of the passives, as I will inevitably loose a couple over the course of a build, and it’s frustrating and expensive to have to re-order.

Glad to hear.

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