DIY: norns shield KIT

I apologize in advance, but I want to ask before I buy one: how difficult a build is the kit? Are the SMD parts pre-installed?

Quoting from the store page:

soldering is required. this board has the SMD parts pre-soldered (which are typically the most difficult to assemble).

It’s very easy. It took literally 15 minutes (it would take less but I have soldered less than 15 times in all my life), it’s just the encoders, the switches, and the headers for screen and pi.


thank you both very much @AlessandroBonino @papernoise

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Oh no, I already ordered the one @infovore linked :weary:
I hope I can return it on Mouser without issues.

Edit: backordered 18 weeks… any other place to get one?

Not in Europe. Welcome to supply chains. The non-molex yellow one is still in stock at Mouser. (I was misled by the inaccurate product image there).

It looks neither the white or yellow are available;

I got it from digi-key (sent to Denmark), but was hit with the Fed-ex 45$ customs fee.


I found stock in Germany, shipping price to rest of EU is 25€ though.
Can someone confirm this is the right display?

The picture doesn’t have the molex connection and no M at the end of the product number either, but I don’t trust pictures anymore.

That is the correct part number for the yellow display.

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