DIY: norns shield

This should give a list of equivalent 220pF capacitors|0

This one is cheap and also 2% tolerance, which is nice

thanks man! Hope I will be playing with this thing “soon” :slight_smile:

Same. Weller WES51 stock tip and a flux pen, until recently when I got sick of the connector on the Weller’s base getting more and more unreliable and picked up a Pinecil for $25 (which so far is better than the Weller in just about every way except that it’s so light I’ve already knocked it out of the holder a couple times and the last time it landed on my foot). I’ve only soldered one SMD IC with it so far but it worked really well, also the stock tip.

I got a fine tip for the Weller last year because I thought I’d need it for the Kijimi build but I practiced a little with it and for me the stock tip was a lot better. I guess for the really small sizes of component it could be handy.

For SMD I use a plain old MG Chemicals flux pen. Tin one pad per component, adding a bit of flux as I go, then I add the components by heating the tinned pad and sliding the component onto it from the side at the same time that I take the iron off. Get about a dozen components in place, then go back and solder the other side of them - put a bit of flux right on top of the component, melt a little solder onto the tip of the iron, and then just touch the unsoldered end for a fraction of a second and the solder will flow right where it needs to be. I usually work my way from the bottom right of a board up to the top left but it would make more sense to go in the exact opposite direction (or top right to bottom left if you solder with your left hand) - there’s o good reason for me to do it the way I do.

For through hole I haven’t needed flux yet, if I ever do I’ll use it. Occasionally it’s helpful on a stubborn off-board part like a jack, or for making patch cables, but even then I usually don’t bother.

Also, I don’t know if other suppliers have been hit as hard but be warned that Mouser lead times are insane right now, and it’s totally unpredictable what will be delayed. I ordered the parts for a Lyra 8 back in February and a bunch of them have been backordered all the way until winter, but there’s actually one bog standard radial electrolytic cap that’s been pushed back all the way to July 2022 as of a week ago (I haven’t bothered to get them to substitute it for another brand yet since there’s so much other stuff holding the order up). I’ve got another order from around the same time that’s also held up because a few parts have been delayed a couple months and then the delay keeps getting pushed back. The last Mouser order I successfully got filled was in I think December. So if you’re in a hurry (I wasn’t with those two projects)make sure you don’t order anything that’s not currently in stock!


Thanks for all the tips and tricks:)
What do people do with housing for the pi+shield? Any boxes that are good?

And can you have a battery pack and the shield at the same time. Might not go battery pack route, but would be fun.

Everyone’s different :wink:

You might look through this thread for some battery recs:

Hmm, it turns out that now is not the time to buy. About half of the components have a very high lead time. So will wait with the ordering :slight_smile:

Hey there, just built a shield and having the exact same issue, what was the fix or cause?

Just built a Norns shield, everything works except I get the Supercollider fail notice and scripts won’t load it just hangs, the supercollider engine is failing to load, any ideas why? In maiden I get the failure notice but no reason why and SC panel is not connecting because sc is not loading, maybe it’s hardware related, bad solder perhaps, at least if I knew it was hardware I could track it down somehow?
Many thanks.

I had that the other day on factory norns after a script update. Worked again after a system → sleep. Also make sure you’re on the latest update.

SC fail is covered here

What software revision are you running? I tried the latest update and it won’t even boot up so I went back to 06 ?

Think I’m on the latest os update, 210706 ?

Yep me too, that one boots for me, but Supercollider fails, even after sleep and restart. I think it’s a hardware issue.

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This is maybe a stupid question, and I hope I’m in the right place here.

I’m interested in playing with a Norns Shield, and the site seems to be out of stock so I figure I’ll try the DIY route. Issue is, I have no idea where to start.

I’ve seen I can apparently purchase some parts required on Pusherman here, but I’ll need parts listed on the full BOM here. Is it then a case of going through the list and buying each part from the shopping list column, then learning SMD to put it together?

It looks like it’s Norns Shield is still in stock:

Yeah, I thought so too but trying to buy one says it’s out of stock on the checkout screen. :pensive:

So the Pusherman is a bare PCB so yes you will need to buy the full BOM as posted Octopart. You can try to add all the parts in a column to a shopping cart on Mouser, DigiKey, etc. It is unfortunate that you probably won’t be able to get all of the parts you need from one vendor so be prepared to make a couple (few) orders at different places. Then yeah just solder it up and put it together/program it as instructed on the norns-shield github. You might want to get some sort of case or front/back panel. There’s a thread on that.

I think you can buy completes on or maybe set up reminders on ebay, reverb and other buy/sell places?

Greetings all. I’m obviously a bit late in the game here, and struck with the CS4270 dilemma. Looking back it seems chips could be had earlier in the year, but word has obviously spread on the rarity and demand for this chip and current Ali Express prices for genuine are ludicrous.
Just got me thinking, with so many people wanting these, has anyone considered adapting to the CS4271? The package is different being a 28 pin instead of 24, but it appears to be a very similar chip, just a small step up in spec from the CS4270.

Would anyone knowledgeable like to comment of the feasibility of swapping in this chip? Could it be as simple as a reroute to the new package? Or would substantial changes to the codebase also be required?

they appear to have entirely different control register layouts, so i’d expect at least some minor driver changes would be needed. (also new chip has 2x or 3x the power draw, might not be an issue.)

compare table 7 / etc

i have forgotten where the soundcard driver code lives right now. maybe @murray knows.