DIY: norns shield

Hi @bassik,

thanks for getting back to me. That’s good to know. I think I will sell it on, anyway, as the holes for the encoders are too small for the knobs I have, plus the display cutout is too big.

What encoder knobs did you use with that case, out of interest?

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I am using some knobs i had lying around from a dismantled old small mixer project but I am pretty sure you can use those:
Small or medium (no pointer) version:

The medium ones are too big to fit through the holes, unfortunately, and the small ones much too small (they’d barely clear the top of the panel).

My Mouser delivery turned up today, so I’ve got all my parts now (well almost all).

Does anyone have recommendations about which SD card to use with the Pi?


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Can someone with the small button caps post a picture from the side of them pushed all the way on?

Well you can’t push them that far if that is what you mean
This is a picture in rest position

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push harder, i think

“alarming” is accurate

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whoa! guess so. sorry

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Calipers (or a toothpick and a sharpie) can help eyeball depths for those looking to figure out how hard to push down!

Also, anyone found button caps in fun colors? Having trouble finding any I like :confused:

starting next week the kits will include acyrlic plates and hardware

details forthcoming


Any chance to get plates separately for those who has a kit on the way? :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’ll have thought about this already, but it would be useful to include M2 standoffs for the display as well.

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all required hardware is included (display standoffs also). basically it’s a full build kit. just add pi, sdcard, supply. documentation will be overhauled.

we’re not going to sell the plates individually, but i’ll post the boardfiles so you can trivially order them from pololu or ponoko or similar laser-cutting sites (which are incredibly cheap)


@okyeron ask brian, he supplied them :slight_smile:

i’ll add here that if you are in a big city it’s worth checking if there are places where you can do local pickup, instead of shipping tiny things in airplanes all over the place

like here in the East SF Bay Area we have ponoko and TAP plastics and hackerspaces and &c

So, this is my first post on the forum but I’ve been checking in from time to time for a few years. I’m a new Monome user, I bought a Teletype two weeks ago and just finished a Norns Shield build earlier today. Everything seems to be working as intended and I will spend the rest of my evening browsing through Maiden. I will hopefully assemble a case tomorrow as I am lucky enough to have a brother who owns a CNC cutter and a laser cutter. If we come up with something good I will post the laser files.

(Also, is it customary to post an introduction?)


On a lot of pictures I see a shield and nothing is plugged in to usb ports. Don’t I need a usb card to work?

What do you mean by USB card?

If you mean soundcard, no: the norns shield has the same audio codec as a retail norns, and stereo IO on minijacks.

If you mean WiFi dongle, no: the shield works with the built-in WiFi on a Pi 3.

I meant the usb stick for storage.