DIY: norns shield

I recommend searching this thread and the forum more generally for this jack fail error, there are plenty of posts going into possible causes as it’s a very common error message when creating a DIY norns.

If you can post a macro photo of the DAC chip it might be useful as poor solder joints here can cause this error.

i am the author of the PR. it worked in some cases but also caused a crash with korg SQ-1. i’m rarely motivated to set up norns hardware these days and would really appreciate more testing from users and developers (/aspiring developers.)

i don’t like to merge things that i’ve observed to cause crashes. (in fact i would categorically refuse to merge this as is, since the crash case applies to previously supported and working use cases.) in this case it would be super excellent if anyone with a korg sq-1 can test. (or other device that fits the profile of 1 bidirectional endpoint and one output-only.) i am happy to help with rebuilding. (every norns shipped comes with the necessary build tools installed.) if you want to help please DM me or (better) ping the github conversation.

i agree this is an annoying limitation to have, hence my efforts to move it along.

BTW i’ve owned 2x logidy um3 devices, one simply never worked with any linux system for reasons unknown. (worked ok with mac/win.)


Does anyone know where I can get hold of button caps for Norns switches in the UK?

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Search 1RBLK on Farnell
Those are the ones used on the Teletype, not sure if theyre the same, but they look like it!

None in the UK Farnell shop, sadly. I’d have to order from the US.

Thank you for the tip, a quick reflow and now it is working!

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So what’s wrong with this picture? Still getting ‘Jack fail’ despite a hefty reflow and a good scrub.

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Personally I would reflow all of these with an iron.

Are you using ROHS solder?
I figure you did all this with an iron just due to the scoring at R2?

Hope it gets situated!

Yeah - same Kester stuff I always use and I reflow using hot air. Is there a schematic anywhere? I think I need to test continuity.

A pdf of the 210330 version is here:

The schematic files are is here: norns-shield/eagle at main · monome/norns-shield · GitHub
You can open it directly in Eagle. If you have Kicad you will have to import it.

Thanks all. I’m up and running.