DIY: norns shield

It looks like it’s in stock at Mouser and Digi-Key.

You’ll also want to get 2-56 standoffs and screws. Some cases come with them but if you use the official 3d printed case you’ll need to supply your own.

You are right! My mistake. I imported the bom file from GitHub into Octopart. During the import, the part numbers were not parsed correctly (4832.233 vs 4832.2330). Therefore it was listed as not available and I could not find it when searching with the parsed number. Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi yall,

I just bought a used Norns Shield last week, re-flashed it and it seems to be working perfectly and have been really enjoying getting familiar with it!

…but now I’m trying to figure out a storage mystery:

It came with a 16GB SD card, but when I insert that into my laptop, coming up as “boot”, it says 72mb are used on a total of 264mb with 192mb free. When I connect to the norns.local dust server and look at the files on there, I see that around 440mb are used and 495mb are free.

My questions are:
Is there a way to free up more space on the SD card? Something’s not adding up… 72gb + 440mb is not even close to 16gb and I already maxed it out downloading a few mx.samples libraries, and was planning to add a bunch of my own samples soon…

Would getting another (better) SD card fix this?

Is there something very wrong here?

Check out the section on expanding storage here, it will fix your problem. Scroll down a bit to see how to do it on the shield.

Expanding Storage

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Thank you! That fixed it!


wanted to check back in and say that for some reason the USB cable was the culprit. switched to a different one and everything booted. I reflashed to newer firmware and now everything is peachy keen. Glad to be back in this thing!

Hi there! I’m late to the game but I just finalized the diy shield and it’s working! However I can’t find any info about the button caps that should be used on this, and old Mouser projects seem to be dead. Anybody an idea? I’m exited!

Does this post help?

Thanks for sharing! Turns out round black caps are out of stock, but will be restocked in June. Maybe I’ll 3d print some until they are available.

If you’re feeling impatient, there’s a bunch in stock at Newark at a discounted price currently:

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Just a heads-up to my fellow UK builders: the white version of the Newhaven display (and possibly other parts) seem to now come under rules that don’t allow them to be sold to private individuals in the UK.

This wasn’t the case when I last bought the same part from Mouser. Could be related to Brexit, or China/US tensions, or sanctions agains Russia, it’s unclear.

I’m pretty sure this issue wasn’t flagged up in any way on the Mouser UK site while I was ordering. I only found out when a Mouser employee reached out via email to say my order was on hold.

Mouser seem to be willing to ship to my work, if I provide the VAT number of the company. They’ve promised my work won’t receive any paperwork, as I’ve already paid using my personal debit card.

They won’t ship effected parts to a private address though.

Anyone else had this hassle recently, in the UK or elsewhere?

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Had this problem almost two years ago when I ordered mine, ended up ordering from digikey instead who were happy to oblige

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