DIY: norns shield

does SUPERCOLLIDER FAIL show up in the menu on boot?

I’ve dealt with this error a couple times as a result of soldering issues with the audio codec stuff. maybe if your IC looks good, check the clock oscillator and the resistors & capacitors around that and the IC ? these have been the main sources of my issues


any errors in dmesg?

Does anyone know an alternative to Mouser to buy the OLED display in Europe?
It seems to be out of stock until mid-February.
There is quite a high fee for having paying the VAT when you get small packages by post here in Denmark, so buying from Digikey means almost double price.
Where do people in Europe buy their displays? Or is there an alternative to the one in the BOM?

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There was chatter about a different colour screen. That could be in stock?
I didn’t see anything in UK at least.

Ah ok. this sounds like the first place to start. thank you!

Well, I have awake up and running nicely on a regularly old Pi 3. Not tried any SSHing (because ethernet is a pain for me, sadly) but audio/video all behaving self. I have a 3+ in the post anyway, but for now, quite pleased.

My plan is to slowly acquire some standoffs, and do a top/bottom-panel style case with exposed sides.

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re: alternatives to mouser— check the octopart BOM for all distributors— octopart is an aggregator of distributors, so it shows (almost) everyone who carries the part:

you could also check directly with the manufacturer:

re: compatible screens: it’d be hard to find one. it’d need:

  • SSD1322 controller
  • same pinout
  • same resolution
  • same-ish mechanical size

@XiXora here’s the yellow:


Sorry, I did a rubbish job at replying to the person above :slight_smile:
My parts have arrived already!

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Stupid n00b question: does the orientation of the switches matter?

yes/sortof— the part won’t fit if rotated 90 degrees, so whatever way it fits is right. (it’s ok for it to be flipped 180 since it’s symmetrical)


Seems like a silly question but where are people getting their raspi 3b+ from in UK/Europe? I’m struggling to find any in stock, thanks

It looks like Pimoroni doesn’t list them anymore? Odd, i usually go with them.
i already ordered once (or twice?) from this (french) shop without troubles and they seem to have the 3B+ in stock:

edit: only french, spanish and italian languages on their website apparently… No idea if they usually ship to UK (i don’t see why they wouldn’t but…)

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I got mine from Berrybase in Berlin - they have 2400 of them…


Wow that’s where they all are! Thanks folks, ordered.

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Oh wow! It took 15 minutes and it worked first time! :heart:


Does the shield use the same norns-buttons-encoders overlay as hardware norns?

(i.e. are the GPIO assignments the same?)

argh. i’m close, i’ve at least identified something odd with my board. pins 4,5,6 (sclk, vd, dgnd) appear to be shorted, but i cannot see how. Should these be electrically connected when power is applied? everything else appears to be working correctly - switches, screen, pots…

Does not look like those pins should be joined anywhere.

This GND via under the chip might be a possible spot for a hidden bridge?

EDIT - Or under the crystal?

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thanks @okyeron ! yeah i was puzzling over the crystal too, and otherwise, 3v3 and gnd are not connected on the board, only at pins 4,5,6 of the cirrus. i know that doesn’t make sense but…

Check all your raspi header pins just in case?

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