DIY: norns shield

please share any 3D enclosure designs! curious to see what you all come up with— there are so many different possibilities.

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I think my OLED header pins seem tall. It sits pretty high off the shield header and angles downward toward the shield… is that the way it should be? can the pins be clipped down a touch or will that cause issues?

Clip em! :slight_smile:

It’s probably a preference thing or will depend on enclosure.

It won’t make any functional difference to have the display closer to the shield pcb.

Angling - can be mitigated with spacers.

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Don’t clip 'em yet!

If those are the pin headers from the BOM, they can be inserted further than that! They require quite careful alignment, though. But they should sit in further than that.


One question: is the audio routed correctly? When I pan things, 1.0 is always far left, and -1.0 is far right, which feels… backwards?

aha, amazing. LR are swapped in the circuit for both input and output.

it’s possible to modify the jack connections (the software routing config, not hardware) for the existing shield— i’m sorry for the trouble.

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I… might need guidance on how to do that.

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This is what headers look like too, and the connection isn’t great as a result of the wiggle.
I haven’t been able to get them in any further but will give it another go.
I need to remember to test fit headers before soldering the separate pieces.
I ordered from the BOM but I’ll double check part numbers because the low profile female seems pretty skimpy.

Any recomendations where can i get a diy norns assembled?
I am just a musician who loves this machine, and dont has knowledge to built it.
Thank you!

Hi, are you in the US? I’m about to make an order and build a few, I’d be happy to work out something with you if you PM me!

Do you think there will eventually be a board revision, or would you recommend doing either the JACK rework or making custom cables for i/o?

I got them to go in tightly by using a lot more force than I expected. I put the whole thing on a block of wood where I could exert pressure evenly across the headers, (not the screen at all) and one side slipped in with some squeezing. So I just kept working and got them all in tightly. There’s still a little clearance but it’s about half of what was exposed in between the headers before.

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it’s a software fix, should be transparent. so don’t mess with hardware. love the old MMT8, i’ve been wondering if someone would reproduce its functionality on norns someday!

side thought— it’d probably be nice/elegant to remove the pi3’s built-in audio jack. that sound output is terrible and useless, and having it gone would make the case designs nicer.


Anything specific about the functionality? I find the sequencer fairly clunky compared to my Elektrons :slight_smile:

I did think of that! It’d be good aesthetically, and easier to tell which is the output, but on my design it serves the purpose of being a mounting point for the board.

Actually I just had an idea, maybe I’ll print a plug for it with a flange on the end that holds it more firmly up against the enclosure…

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for a laser cut design I just did vector engravings for all the inputs I wasn’t using and everything fit together fine, the shield jacks and power are just a bit recessed

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up and running! thank you all! and now if anyone has suggestions on how to integrate the trellis M4 i’d be much obliged


wow, i can’t emphasize enough how incredible all this is. Again Thank you. My Yamaha PSS-270 has been coming to life with the system.

as anyone gotten rid of their eurorack (or at least downsized) after get the norns? its changing my perspective…

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Whats the status of the wifi issue? It looks like @simonvanderveldt fixed it but I don’t know how to get that fix. Norns says i’m up to date when I go to update.

Yeah, we’ve identified the issue and fixed it. There will be a new norns release soon that includes the fix which will also be made available for the norns shield :slight_smile:


can i build the image myself to get the fix now?

No, not really, it’s a bit involved for the Raspbian (ie stock norns) based image.