DIY Project Recommendations


this is exciting! plz let us know more when you can?


Getting ready to start my first true SMD build (besides my Grids kit) with the Ornament + Crime. Not a kit but all the resources are there including how to obtain PCB and panel and Mouser part numbers. Teensy based and there are already a good-sized menu of algorithms to load to it - I’m looking forward to the build as soon as my parts come in! Hoping to house this guy in a small case inspired by monome with the trio of euro modules and a TT.


of course - direct message me if you’re curious, though.


i built the music thing spring kit. easy project & it sounds great!


been eying this – any reverb tank recommendations?


i got this one with my order, but i guess it’s sold out now. here’s a similar one on amazon

also ctrl sells smaller units


Got crazy about the tube reverb circuit in my homebrew tube amp. It’s got a 12aU7 in push-pull driving the tank in a dedicated 3-knob-reverb wet channel…

Pretty sure after all a lot of screwing around the biggest improvement came when I swapped tanks from accutronics to one of these:

should really try swapping back the tanks & compare to try and be a bit more scientific but whatever. Anyway - nice reverb tanks (I think)! And it hasn’t crapped out on me yet, like the tank in my old blues junior seemed to do every week…


Thanks for the replies. I think I’m going to start with the Radio Music, I’m planning on doing some SpinFV1 dev on my Z-DSP soon, so having a sample player (of sorts!) will be useful. Plus, like the Mikrophonie it’ll be something my (nearly) 4 year old will like playing with.


This was also my first DIY euro undertaking – fun build, and great unit. Still works even though I burnt the PCB to all hell and melted the power connector, haha ;X



The dreadbox Erebus is available in eurorack kit form. I know I don’t neeeeeed it, but it’s such a great synth 158€ (about £136). I might pick it up for a summer project.


This is amazing. Wow. I have a baby lil’ desktop Erebus and it is my tru love - I felt strangely sad when it got discontinued.

Would building a euro-version as a first DIY project be intractably difficult?

edit: I’m well into the tenori on making an appearance in their product video.


I haven’t went through the build guide properly but it looks to be all through hole components which is a blessing! You may wish to practice on something else first e.g. one of the music thing modules (microphonie and magnetophone are on sale at just now).

I’d recommend getting a PCB holder especially for the Erebus, that board looks big.

I couldn’t resist :open_mouth: this will give me a nice project once school is finished!


I created to tech DIY. The ai001 teaches soldering and in the the end you get a nice 2hp mult, then you do the mixer, then the looping adsr or MS-20 filter. Free schematics, build guides, and full how to build videos for each module so you don’t get lost. Plus tons of other articles with link to tools to buy, and other good diy knowledge. Welcome to this wonderful hobby!


The instructions look pretty detailed and it doesn’t seem like a ton of components. I did the Rampage as a DIY kit, and just a note on sliders like this project has–very easy to get them off center, causing the slider itself to rub against the panel, make sure they are straight. I’d probably recommend go with something cheaper and quicker just to make sure you are ready to do a project of this scope (and get some basic soldering skills under your belt)?


Benjolin DIY idea, in need of advice!

I’d like a Benjolin, but not a Euro version. The Macumbista Benjolin looks ace, but I can’t afford it. I’ve been playing with Derek’s Pure Data version of it, which got me thinking of making a standalone box running that patch. Can anyone help guide me how to do this? In my head it’s simple:

  • Teensy/Raspberry Pi/Beagle Board running the patch
  • MIDI dials and buttons wired to that
  • Mounted in an enclosure

I’ve made a simple PD instrument with a Raspberry Pi before, but the built-in audio out on that is super noisy. it works for what I built with it but thinking I’d like to learn how to put something together on a Beagle Board or Teensy, whatever is most suitable really.

I can solder simple things, but don’t have any experience attaching dials etc. to micro-computers.


I wonder if the Axoloti might be a good starting point?


That was my first thought too, but AFAIK the Axoloti can’t directly run a PD patch. It might be a simple way to connect up some hardware (could look at something like the Music Thing AxoControl to go with it?) but you’d have to re-implement the PD patch in the Axoloti Patcher. That could be an interesting project too!


@GoneCaving that had crossed my mind too but would rather not rebuild the whole patch if i can help it! Shame, axoloti looks ideal for the base hardware.


If you’re willing to use an external MIDI controller instead of making it all-in-one, the Pisound board has audio and MIDI DIN connections.

(If you’re going that route, you could also just attach a class compliant USB audio/MIDI interface.)

Even if you’d rather not use an external MIDI controller, the Pisound should get you better audio I/O.

If you want to connect knobs and whatnot directly to the Pi, my understanding (i.e. I don’t have first hand experience) is that pairing the Pi with an Arduino is the way to go.


mxmxmx Terminal Tedium, although not the most beginner friendly DIY, allows for PD patches to run.

For complete beginners, I’d recommend the zlob stuff, very useful utilities, inexpensive, and well laid out with good instructions.