Diy spring reverb fail :/

I tried to get a simple accutronics spring tank working with my case, having 2 preamps for potential in and out amplification but all i got out sucked in a noisy hum messy way.
Theres sth about my grounding that doesnt work with the inductors of the tank.
I thought it was simple as this:

But my all mixed up case with different powers and star grounding etc just isnt up to this.
So i wonder if a simple spring reverb driver would actually solve this issue for me or not at all?
I could get louder signal when touching a certain part of my case but also got crazy hum and noise louder that way.

If a driver could fix this issue, are there cheap diy kits to recomend, 9v 12, whatever.
Btw i tried different impedances via transformer, no luck.

Even with a spring reverb module the placing of the tank is really important to avoid hum. I guess you know this and have ruled it out by trying different places ? As far away from the rack as possible and not sitting on the same desk as the speakers are two things to consider.

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Indeed i am very close to the speaker at least the mobile case included one.
Will this magnetic interference be present even when using another speaker, simply by the narrow distance to magnetic parts? I should know this stuff given my background but still prefer to ask.
Also, will mumetalfoil do much inbetween speaker/springs?

I think i ll butcher a danelectro spring king and use my spring tank. But getting the tank far away is not really doable, unless i think of a attach/detach mechanism.

Which tank model did you get? From memory accutronics tanks have different impedance on different models. Sounds like you might have an impedance miss match?

Good question i thought i saw a code somewhere but cant find it now (mounted)
Its from a deluxe 122 fender

My impedances are between 600- 2,2k ohm, nothing in the 8 ohm range. Not sure about norns shield but that would lack the needed gain. But given just 2cm distance to a speaker in the case, this is probably bound to be unusable, yet i would like to make it work anyway

I’ve made guitar pedals that use spring reverb tanks and are tolerant of heaps of different tank impedances. I can’t find my tweaked schematic but it was based on this one I think.

If i could get a pcb and bom that would probably be a suitable route, i guess similar to butcher a spring king pedal!? still i am not sure i could shield the tank against magnetic inteferencies.
I have an unshielded neve marinair transformer in that case aswell…probably a combination to blow up speakers by hum

I was wondering, having a echo matic pcb collecting dust, can i use that as a spring reverb driver?