Diy tape ~ shekasteh

been making and mixing these beats for the past 3 months and now have a limited number of tapes to share with yall!

i’m very proud of this release and would like to preserve some level of surprise so…no other tracks will be online until buyers receive their tapes

production notes

music ~ signal path was aleph > cassette > ableton fx…digital dub hybrids
tapes ~ acetone transfer printing used to label the tapes themselves / o-cards were made by printing reflective gold ink on black cardstock with half a lemon


Got mine! Super intrigued! Sounds great!

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omg, ordered. This sounds amazing. Thank you.

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Sounds great. I am very intrigued by the lemon+cardstock combo and would like to hear more about this :smiley:


shekasteh kinda means “broken”
so the whole project is meant to incorporate breaking objects, putting broken elements back together, and breaking my normal processes to create something else…something new

so for example i usually produce or synthesize music on another device and use aleph to “break” em up into something i like but here i tried the opposite: aleph synthesis modules are the sound source and used my daw fx rack to break down the rhythms and melody

i approached the art similarly
checked my supplies and had gold ink to match the black paper but no other materials for block printing…so i tried using the external texture of a lemon rind i peeled as a “block”, and it worked

not overthought
for these tapes i’m celebrating error + my personal quirks / warped tolerances


Order’d 20c20c20c20c

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This whole thing is beautiful (music and cassette), but buying it in the UK would cost £30 (£7 + £11 p&p + £8 “handling fee” + £4 tax). Would you consider adding a digital only option? (I understand why you wouldn’t, just trying my luck)

Yes, of course!

I’ll have the rest of the tracks included on the digital release by Friday

PS: Honestly didn’t realize it was so high for UK buyers…will have to decide whether its possible to lower the price to compensate for the extra handling fees


dntel played a track from the tape on dying songs!

edit: the archived show is now up…stream / download and check the full tracklist


Missed this the first time around, too bad cassettes sold out (!). Sounds fantastic, thank you for posting.

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Truth be told, it’s not completely sold out. After sending out the last batch I deactivated the physical tape option.

I’d rather not unecessarily expose anybody to Covid-19 for something non-essential like this. That includes postal workers, fans, and my immediate family.

Sorry if this is disappointing…the digital sounds great tho!