DIY - Teensy 4

Teensy 4 is now available for purchase!

  • ARM Cortex-M7 processor at 600 MHz, with a NXP iMXRT1062 chip
  • Same size and shape as Teensy 3.2
  • $20!

interesting audio related stuff:

  • 1 S/PDIF Digital Audio
  • 2 I2S Digital Audio (same as 3.2/3.6)


Crazy! @bpcmusic, imagine one of these in a TXo :open_mouth:

15 cents more than the 3.2 for approximately 10x the speed… Since the pins look similar to the 3.2 I wonder if this could be dropped into existing 3.2 projects like Ornament and Crime? Though perhaps there isn’t a benefit there with the exception of increased storage.

I already have some on the way. :wink: I’ll post a report once I’ve flashed and installed them.


Current consumption at 600MHz is 100mA(!), which is about double the 3.2 and ~25% more than a 3.6 at 180Mhz …

Yeah - the 3.2 is totally overpowered for basic Teletype commands on the TXo.

The T3.4 might get interesting if you use the TXo as a four-voice digital oscillator. I’m planning to see how high I can drive the sampling rate. The TXo+ does a really good job with the primitives (saw/square/sine/triangle), but the extended waveforms still alias. More processing power would allow oversampling which could clean up the output for these waveforms. :slight_smile:


I believe that pin arrangement is different. Paul mentioned that the existing Audio Adapter wouldn’t work directly without soldering some wires.

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I’m finally going to build myself a polyphonic desktop synth with one of these bad boys. Paul does some amazing work and has a great twitter account at @PaulStoffregen

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SPI pins are rearranged/changed (so that’s the SD card and Memory chip on the audio adapter). Bottom pads are a completely different arrangement.

A four-voice digital oscillator with filtering and a wide bandwidth noise source would soak up some of those cycles … :thinking:

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This looks very impressive.

I remember hearing some misgivings about the licensing of the Teensy software stack - is it true it’s not fully open source?

On the hardware side, I don’t think the source of the bootloader has ever been available, to discourage Teensy clones.

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Godammit! I ordered a 3.6 on Monday. Same thing happened to me when they bought out the new Raspberry pi.


This looks sooooo good. Trying to work through the ramifications of the speed increases.

To me, the 3.6 is still a different beast. Has plenty of features that the 4.0 doesn’t have, use those and get a 4.0 also :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a plan! (20 characters)

If you want to use over 100mA for your DIY module, it better be incredible. I just want a Teensy that uses LESS power so the 8 modules I have that uses them can use even less power.

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Regulating 12v down to 5v on every digital module seems a bit silly to me. I’m running a seperate 5v 5amp supply.


I’m thinking we might be able to underclock these and get more performance for less power …

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So you could even change clock rates on the fly for, like, using higher sample rates/more DSP widgets at the cost of more power or whatever. I’m not finding a lot of data sheet details on if there’s a minimum clock frequency for this part, or any, like, power vs. frequency curves for Cortex M7 voltage/frequency scaling. Cursory googling brought me to somewhere in this JavaServer Pages site at which point I decided to give up for the night.

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