DIY - Teensy 4

I’ve been told modern PC motherboards mostly use the 12V line too and buck it down in several places on the board. As long as you use efficient switch-mode converters and not linear regulators it’s fine. It means you can use smaller individual converters since you’re drawing less amps from each, and it also means they’re isolated from each other. You’re not dependant on having one good, clean 5V supply for your entire case.

What features does the 3.6 have that the 4 doesn’t? I know that some physical features are absent, but the 4 his direct pins for SD access, second USB port, and so on. You just have to break them out yourself. But wondering if I’ve missed something.

No, you’re right, just easier to get to those physical features.

I was just looking at the Expert Sleepers ES40 and realized that with the onboard S/PDIF on the Teensy 4, this could perhaps open up for some interesting hardware interfaces.

Depends on how open the ES protocol is of cause.

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It looks to me like the DAC (previously on A14) has vanished. Have I missed a breakout pin?

No - i believe it’s been removed. There’s a few notes here and there about (in)compatibility with the Audio Shield or other shields.

The audio shield is addressed here.

Another rev is coming soon which will have the pins re-routed so it (the sudio shield, sic) works directly on top of Teensy 4.0.

No, you’re right, and that’s a big commission. The 13-bit (or whatever it was) DAC that was often used for mono audio doesn’t exist on the Freescale chip on the 4.0. So if you want analog audio out, it’s I2S + an external DAC of your choice…

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If you’re an oshpark fan, they now have purple Teensy 4s!


And now: Teensy 4.1 (in a larger form factor like the Teensy 3.6, not the 4.0)