DIY : tsnm (Touch Sensing Note Memory) by Doboz


Looks like these are available now:

I am going to try it, but I am a little worried looking at all the parts etc. I got my 1st practice soldering my monome grid kit / komaField kit and a couple other very simple projects since then, so I am tentatively confident I can complete the project. Looking at the BOM from mouser has got me wondering if I’ve already gotten something wrong. :sweat_smile:

Is anyone else here going to give it a shot?

I would love to get some help along the way… :cake:

Mannequins W/ (with)

Eurorack and 4U pcb/panels just went up at modularaddict :slightly_smiling_face:


very excited to hear about how this build goes from someone with more DIY experience!


once i have the tools to work with smd stuff I will definitely build one of these. i will try to make a video or something to doccument the build


If anyone makes a mouser project from the BOM please share!


I’m definitely grabbing one as soon as it comes out; probably make a Mouser BOM too so if someone hasn’t by then I’ll put mine here.

I’m a huge fan of MengQi’s Voltage Memory, and I think this is very complimentary and/or a versatile alternative, especially in thinking of it as going toward one voice.


This looks so nice. It’s really tempting, even though I’m seriously downsizing my system and don’t even know where I’d put it.


Its out now @geh2oman :


Actually really tempted by the 4U banana version to use with my Ciat-Lonbarde gear as saved voltages… hm…


yes yes yes yes yes for 20 char


this is perfect… if anyone is going to be making some up let me know i would be into getting a prebuilt one.


Bought the pcb/panel. Looking forward to making this


Did u write them an email? The website says n/a.
How much is the pcb/panel combo?


Anyone get the bom going yet?


Check the links in the first post :grinning:


ups. :see_no_evil: thx for the hint!!


I’ve ordered one to build. Looks like it will be interesting to play around with, I’ve never used any non-piano keyboard playing surfaces before other than an ableton push.


Nice! Ordered! Moving this weekend, but as soon as I get the soldering bench set back up this is first on the docket.


Ditto! I like to diy but prefer kits. I always feel like I miss some parts when I am left on my own.


Is anyone building a few of these?! Would love to pick one up.