DJ Sleepover - The End of Sleep

I came up with the name DJ Sleepover because it made me laugh, and I thought if I took a joke name it would help me take myself less seriously and release music faster. This was over 2 years ago.

Anyway, here’s a thing. It’s a concept album of sorts, which you can think of as an imaginary soundtrack. It’s not really representative of where I’m at with music currently, but these things never are. I debated posting it here because I thought it wasn’t “linesy” enough (whatever that means), plus I’ve just sat with it for too long and I’m not sure how I feel about it anymore.

I initially interpreted the name DJ Sleepover quite literally, imagining a sleepover party for a bunch of DJ’s wearing pajamas and waving around glowsticks. At a certain point it morphed into a concept album about capitalism and sleep deprivation (sleep is over), based loosely on this book I haven’t read. The concept mostly manifested as a story I told myself while I was writing music, which was often very early in the morning before my long commute to work.

“The End of Sleep” follows a day in the life of the very tired DJ Sleepover, as he stumbles through a waking dream and accidentally transcends the crushing weight of capitalist realism.

Going forward, I’m trying to go easier on myself. I’d like to release music faster and not labor over it so much. I have a lot of respect for people who develop a clear vision and spend months or years on a particular project, but I think this process brings me more frustration than joy. The kind of music I want to make seems to change every other week, and when I sit with a project for too long it can feel like a big weight on my shoulders. Besides, much of my favorite music is kinda messy and spontaneous sounding, so I hope to cultivate this and allow things to flow out a little more “freely”. a little less ego and a little more id.

This album is also the swan song for my 2011 macbook pro, which for various reasons has become impossible to use. We had a good run.

Thanks for reading and maybe listening!