DMX with modular

Wanting to use some light objects in relation to modular system.
Wondering if anyone worked out an elegant solution for CV driven DMX…


Interesting question, and curious what people’s responses are.

I would imagine that the easiest way would be to go CV->MIDI->DMX, or audioCV->computer->DMX since it’s much more finicky than other CV stuff (or MIDI even). A given lamp may respond to anywhere between 1 and 9 channels, with some of them in the middle being useless (like a strobe rate for example), so I couldn’t imagine it being as easy as just sending a specific CV control to a specific DMX channel.

OR bypassing DMX altogether and going direct control over lights with PWM/Solenoid control systems.

(OR OR I was also thinking of norns spoke Ethernet so it could do Artnet DMX stuff out of the box)


An arduino would be perfect. You can get a DMX shield, or build your own. And you already have analog inputs.

Controlling DMX with CV won’t be an hassle. But what would you control? Il you simply want to control a light bulb, it’s pretty straight forward. You just need to control one dimmer circuit. But if you want to control led fixtures or complex moving heads, you’ll need more than one CV sources, or/and a more complex code.

I remember there used to be old devices that converted some older analog light interface to DMX.
Maybe you can still find one somewhere.

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This exists for CV -> DMX:

I spent a little too much time in certain corners of the internet in the late 90s, so at first I read this as “DXM with modular”.


Going the MIDI -> DMX way might be problematic if you use for example standard MIDI CC (128 steps) messages to slowly change intensity or color as half of the DMX512 standard resolution (256 steps) is left unused.

It’s an issue I’ve encountered recently and I’d be glad if someone could offer a solution…


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I built a CV to DMX module + box a few years ago. It’s a 5X3 bipolar matrix mixer (one input can be a RGB bias channel) that feeds an ADC->DMX board. You can get some interesting color effects by driving inputs with envelopes and LFOs.

MIDI seems like a poor choice for anything but program changes on a lighting control board since it is so much slower than DMX.


i have came across this one a couple time in searching the topic. i would love to have some cv light control.

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Hey, look what I found at the bottom of the OP-Z preview page:



my mind went straight here and I thought was “could be cool”


I wonder if there’s a connection between the musician and the substance. either way, neither is a lighting control protocol. :wink:

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interesting times those… :slight_smile:

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Life changing! And often in a good way. :wink:

lots of talk of plateaus and setting

if we are dreaming a DXM DMX module would be pretty great
not quite a random generator…but…something else
slows signals down…
breaks time down into individually viewable segments moving by slowly enough to see between them

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something something telepathy experiments…

Thank you guys for all the responses!

So did anyone here actually tried/used the Soundmachines SY1 Synesthesia module?