Doepfer Drehbank?

Hey fellaz,

is anyone using the Doepfer Drehbank as a midi controller with OSX?
I can’t find info if this is possible, my info is windows only.
My question is if this is more hassle than fun?
Any help/info is appreciated!


Not sure about the drehbank because of the compatibility with software. I want something like this as well but looking forward to this instead

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Yeah I saw the Faderfox PC44 but it’s expensive. More than 500€ is lots of cash. The Drehbank can be 180-200€ used. Plus I like the minimalism of the Drehbank :slight_smile:

I’d love to buy one if I could find one. Or maybe I will just have to build one myself.


i have it, and it works really well with any midi things, so it’ll work great with osx :wink:
as there’s no official doepfer editor for mac, i use this one on this page :


The problem with building these things from scratch is component cost - 48 pots isn’t cheap, and the size of a PCB to mount them on makes it a moderately expensive board in low volume. Plus you’d need some kind of multiplexing. It gets to the point where a secondhand one seems even more of a bargain.

(Every now and then I really think about designing/building a Pocket Dial for the modern era with USB/DIN/stereo jack. Maybe even Kickstarting the damn thing. Then I remember how much I hate the idea of Kickstarting anything)

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Whooop! So there is an editor! Thanks, this was what I was looking for. So hell yeah I’m gonna buy a Drehbank. These should be enough knobs for me…
Does it work well with other controllers if you use it for Ableton Live?

It’s 64 pots :slight_smile: they’re not that expensive in large volumes, ditto for PCB and multiplexers.

If you guys don’t know this already…there’s a great MIDI DIY Ressource over here:

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Sure, although given PCBs costed by geometry (and my preference for board-mounted pots)… there comes a point where I’d rather just buy a commercial product than spend $90 on building something less good…

Where are you finding them at 200 euros? please tell!

I had one for years. Just sold it. There is that new OSX editor plus there are plenty of programmed sysex files you can load into it still. The two built-in banks were always good enough for me. Totally awesome device. Little known fact: It also works great as a CV to MIDI converter.