Does a Norns/Crow CV Looper exist?

Hi everyone, I’m finding myself wanting to use Crow as CV looper interface thingie. Anyone know if this has already been done and/or if there is existing code that could serve as a starting point?

The rough outline of what I want to do is:

1: Feed gate & pitch CV to Crow inputs (probably Crowify will help here).
1.1: Mult the Crow inputs to the outputs.
2: start and stop recording of incoming CV with buttons on Norns.
3: On recording stop the cv loop starts playing on Crow outputs.
4: CV loops are stored on Norns
5: I have some UX thoughts on playing/selecting/assigning loops to Crow outputs but probably just need to get through the above before sorting them out.

My deepest hope is that someone already wrote a CV looper for Crow/Norns. But if not I’ll give it a whack.

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I wrote one for Teletype (stepped / low res) so I’m sure you can do the same in Crow! I’d be happy to help write this.


I’m no expert but I have a decent level of lua experience. Off the top of my head, the process could be:

  • Determine whether we’re running the loop on Crow or Norns based on read, write and USB transfer speeds
  • On whichever device, run a loop where we sample the incoming signal and add it to a table
  • Set up the buttons to toggle recording and playback options
  • profit?

If you’re on any of the study group discords feel free to poke me there, I’ll help with what I can :+1:

edit: it looks like @jaseknighter has made a cv recorder: GitHub - jaseknighter/clipper at dev-cv-recorder


please do let me know if you have questions about the cv recorder player built into the clipper script. also please take note that the code is in a dev branch at the moment, not the main code trunk (see link above).