Does anyone have a copy of Livid Guitar Wing firmware/editor software?

Hi friends,

tl;dr Does anyone here happen to have a copy of the latest Guitar Wing firmware/editor that they could share?

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I’m considering buying a second-hand Livid Guitar Wing to experiment with, but after visiting Livid’s website, I’ve gotten a bit confused / concerned.

Before buying, I wanted to check that I could download the latest firmware, and run the editor. Unfortunately, the download link for the current firmware (and all other firmwares) 404s, as does the download link for the editor.

I’ve tried emailing, which I’ve received emails from in the past, but this yielded me an auto-reply pointing me to the wiki and their support page, whose “Contact Us” link also 404s.

So… does anyone know if the folks at Livid are ok? Or still doing business?

And, does anyone here happen to have a Guitar Wing and perhaps the installers/firmware hanging around in an old downloads folder / archive somewhere? Or otherwise know where those bits can be downloaded?


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Damn that’d be pretty sad if Livid weren’t around anymore, I quite liked some of their ideas (and I was definitely planning to get myself a guitar wing too!)

You can try the links here at vguitarforum most likely some of these work. Livid Instruments Guitar Wing

Oh man, from the post above the one you’ve linked:

Thier [sic] main developer became ill with ALS

This explains a lot, and is a huge bummer :frowning:

It looks like many of the files I was looking for are in that thread though.

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